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Browse what roles, types of abilities and factors our software solution covers to enable you to hire for role fit, cultural fit, and potential. Save time on screening and get matched to candidates that fit you.

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Our assessments are adaptive with a feedback-oriented, great candidate experience. Our matching tools save you time on selection and interviewing, and augment CV screening with data insights.
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You’re screening applicants easily using one link to get a stack-ranked list of candidates upfront. We make screening easy for candidates and recruiters.

Role fit plus Culture fit

Save time and resources recruiting for sales, customer success, recruiter, developer, data analyst, junior, graduate and startup roles.

Candidate ranking

Data insights about candidates are matched to your true needs so you can make better recruitment decisions at any point in your hiring funnel.

We don’t test. We match.

A pre-hire or pre-employment assessment refers to a test that job applicants take during the hiring process. Our tests provide an unbiased and consistent method of gathering information about candidate abilities across jobs. Employers use assessments to determine whether candidates are suitable for a specific role, and subsequently prioritize them for final round interviews.
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An automated, complete solution. Leave tests to us
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View key behavioral traits and skills with insight into cultural fit
ML and psychometrics
Online assessment tools for recruitment powered by ML

How is Gyfted better?

Gyfted provides comprehensive signals for matching. And we’re extremely price competitive - check out our pricing page to see the value you get.
Easy to use
Gyfted is as easy to use as a dating app with automated test design, workflows and one link to share with applicants and acquire them from anywhere.
An automated, complete screening solution on an affordable SaaS plan with free assessments.
Accurate measures
Gyfted provides more accurate personality and ability measurements via a holistic approach to matching your and applicants’ needs and attributes around role, skill and team culture fit.

Automated talent assessment

We do not charge you per assessment or per screened applicant. That way we’re better aligned with your interests of hiring the right candidate for the right role.
Use our tools to automate screening and hire easily.
One link to start screening your applicants easily.
Candidates get enjoyable assessments and valuable feedback tools.
Save time on intro screening phone calls.
Save money. Stop paying for tests or per screened candidate!
Stop worrying about costs or how many candidates to screen.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you measure talent?

Measuring talent is a complex and nuanced process, because talent comes in many different forms. Some individuals excel in creative pursuits such as music, art or writing, while others may have exceptional analytical or problem-solving abilities. Hence it's important to take into account the unique strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

One way to measure talent is to assess an individual's performance in their chosen field. Another approach to measuring talent is to evaluate an individual's potential for growth and development. This can involve assessing their ability to learn new skills, adapt to new environments, and innovate. We believe that the measure of intelligence is the ability to change, that’s why we’re very keen on measuring learning agility in candidates. This approach may be particularly useful when evaluating individuals who are early in their careers, are changing careers, and work in collaborative team environments.

Ultimately, measuring talent requires a combination of objective and subjective assessments, as well as a deep understanding of the individual being evaluated. It's important to approach talent evaluation recognizing that each individual has their own unique talents and potential. By taking a holistic and personalized approach to talent evaluation, we can help individuals reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

How can a company assess person-job fit before hiring employees?

To assess person-job fit before hiring a candidate, a company can implement very many different strategies:
  1. Provide clear job descriptions: detailed and accurate job descriptions that outline the required skills, experience, and personal attributes. This helps candidates understand the role's demands and self-assess their suitability.
  2. Customized application forms: application forms with targeted questions to gauge candidates' abilities, values, and preferences relevant to the role.
  3. Skill and aptitude tests: use tests that evaluate specific skills or aptitudes necessary for the job, such as technical, analytical, or communication abilities.
  4. Behavioral and situational interviews: use interview techniques to assess candidates' past experiences and hypothetical scenarios, helping you understand how they would handle job-related challenges.
  5. Personality and values assessments: utilize validated assessment tools to measure candidates' personality traits, values, and preferences, ensuring alignment with the company culture and job requirements.
  6. Reference checks: obtain insights into candidates' past performance, work style, and compatibility with the role from their colleagues or former managers.
  7. Trial period or internships: offer candidates a temporary trial period or internship, allowing both the company and the candidate to evaluate person-job fit in a real work setting.

How to assess job fit?

Assessing job fit involves evaluating how well an individual's skills, values, preferences, and personality align with a specific role and company culture. By carefully assessing job fit, you can make more informed decisions about pursuing job opportunities. You can engage in the following:
  1. Analyze the job description
  2. Self-reflection on what you’re truly seeking and enjoy and are good at
  3. Research the company/sector
  4. Compare skills and experience vs requirements obviously
  5. Evaluate work style compatibility vs the team and role
  6. Assess your growth potential in such a role
  7. Job simulations or informational interviews with current/past staff

What is a job fit assessment?

A job fit assessment is a tool used to evaluate how well a candidate's skills, abilities, and personality align with a specific job or role. It helps employers identify the best-suited candidates for a position, while assisting job seekers in understanding their strengths and finding roles that match their preferences and values.

How to evaluate candidates?

Use a job fit assessment test to save time and evaluate applicants properly for cognitive ability, personality and culture fit all at once. To evaluate candidates effectively, start by defining the specific qualifications and characteristics that are needed for the position. This may include technical skills, experience, and personal qualities. Once these criteria have been established, approach each candidate with an open mind and a willingness to learn about their unique strengths and experiences.

Candidates may be nervous or anxious during the interview process, and it's important to create a supportive and welcoming environment that allows them to showcase their talents and abilities to the best of their abilities. When evaluating candidates, it's important to focus on their technical abilities and their personal qualities. This can involve assessing their ability to work collaboratively with others, their level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and their cognitive ability, as well as culture fit to ensure they don’t turn over upon joining.

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