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Talent Screening and Assessment Software Guide

Caliper vs Predictive Index

View this side-by-side comparison of Predictive Index vs Caliper based on data from user reviews and publicly available information on Caliper and Predictive Index, to help you make the best choice for your recruitment needs.

Comparing Predictive Index and Caliper

Deciding between Predictive Index and Caliper largely depends on your specific assessment needs and the experience you aim to offer. Predictive Index provides a focused approach on behavioral and cognitive assessments, making it a great tool for understanding employee strengths and drives. On the other hand, Caliper offers a more comprehensive platform that includes personality assessments along with cognitive, behavioral, and competency measures, creating a well-rounded view of an individual's potential.
Predictive Index and Caliper are powerful tools for assessing employee potential and performance. Predictive Index focuses on behavioral and cognitive analysis, using psychometric tests to identify individual strengths, work styles, and predict their fit within a team or role. It's a valuable tool for talent optimization, helping companies to build high-performing teams and develop leadership. On the other hand, Caliper provides a more holistic employee assessment solution, combining personality profiling with competency evaluation. This allows companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of a candidate's potential and how they might perform in a specific role. Both tools are useful in their own ways, with Predictive Index providing a more focused approach to behavioral analysis, and Caliper offering a broader overview of candidate potential.

Save Time Screening for Culture Add and Culture Fit

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Assessment Vendor Features

Candidate Screening
Candidate Comparisons
Candidate Ranking
Talent Development
Customizable Tests (depends on vendor)
Dashboard Reporting
Personality Testing
Cognitive Testing

Predictive Index and Caliper ease of use and candidate experience

Predictive Index offers a simple, intuitive user experience with a focus on behavioral and cognitive assessments, providing a streamlined process for candidates. It uses data-driven insights to predict workplace behavior, offering a unique and insightful experience for both users and candidates. On the other hand, Caliper offers a more comprehensive platform that includes not only assessments but also coaching and consulting services. Its user experience is more interactive, allowing candidates to engage in a more dynamic assessment process. While Predictive Index is more straightforward and predictive, Caliper provides a more holistic and interactive experience.

Predictive Index
UX and Candidate Experience
The Predictive Index is a software product characterized by its user-friendly interface and positive candidate experience. The platform is designed with intuitiveness and simplicity in mind, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features. Its robust functions facilitate efficient talent optimization, providing comprehensive behavioral and cognitive assessments. The candidate experience is also enhanced as the Predictive Index offers a seamless assessment process, contributing to an improved recruitment and hiring experience.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't find specific information about a software product called TALOGY on the provided link or the Caliper Corp website. It's possible that there may be a misunderstanding or mistake in the software name or the link. Caliper Corp offers a platform called Caliper Profile which is an employee assessment tool. However, without accurate and specific details about TALOGY, providing a description of its ease of use and candidate experience would be speculative and potentially inaccurate.
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Companies interested in a powerful talent optimization platform
Business managers seeking a solution to manage and improve their recruiting operations
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Pre-made Test Library and Test Customization
Predictive Index does offer a pre-made test library. It also allows for some customization in terms of test criteria based on specific job requirements. However, the level of customization is limited.
Caliper does not offer a pre-made test library. However, it does allow for customization in the creation of assessments. You have the ability to develop unique tests suited to your specific needs.
Assessment Categories
Employee Engagement Recruiting Recruiting Agency Talent Management
Coaching Human Resources Pre-employment Testing
Company Information
The Predictive Index Founded: 1955 United States www.predictiveindex.com
TALOGY United States calipercorp.com/selection/essentials-for-selection/

Save time and find talent that fits your team culture and role

Gyfted takes a modern, future of work approach to candidate assessments that is in stark contrast to traditional assessment industry practices. We do not just test candidates, we pride ourselves in matching them for role fit and cultural (values) fit.

Traditional assessment companies tend to focus on quantity, charging per candidate or per test. This mode of operation doesn't necessarily consider the quality of matches or the long-term fit of a candidate within a company's culture or role. Their main priority is often to process as many tests as possible, resulting in a less personalized experience that may not accurately identify the best fit for both parties, and more spending by companies, while driving a worse candidate experience (with candidate's running on the testing hamster wheel in various recruitment marathons across companies - being re-tested, re-questioned and screened about basically the same stuff from company to company).
At Gyfted we emphasize quality and outcomes. We prioritize the candidate experience first. We know that a positive one attracts top talent and leads to better matches over time. Our software is built around proven assessment standards and theories, offering a range of assessments from Personality testing (Big Five) to EQ to Abstract Reasoning, and above all testing for Team Cultural Add/Fit. We don't just aim to find a candidate who can do the job, but one who also aligns with the company's culture and values, and can seamlessly integrate into the existing team dynamics. We've aligned our business model with customers. Instead of charging per test or per candidate, we charge a monthly SaaS fee based on the organization size and package - our pricing is designed to give you value, not limit usage, and enable a great candidate experience.

This model aligns us with our clients, as we're incentivized to ensure successful matches and longevity in placements, not just to increase the number of tests taken. We understand that a successful hire is about more than just skills - it's about finding mutual right fit for your team and your role, as well as talent development once inside the company.

Candidate-friendly Assessments for Culture-first Companies

Personality, EQ, Logical Reasoning, Culture Add, Values, Cognitive Styles, Work Styles, Motivational, Communication Styles, Conflict-Solving Style
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