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Terms & conditions

the entity providing Services through the Platform in a state being a member of the European Union or European Economic Area - Human Culture spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Szczecin (Poland) at Cyfrowa 6, 71-441 Szczecin, entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, XIII Commercial Division under number 0000856351, REGON: 386916808, NIP: 8513251510, share capital of PLN 5,600.00; the entity providing Services through the platform in the territory of a different country: Human Exponent Inc. located in Palo Alto, CA, USA;
an entrepreneur who has entered into an agreement with Human regarding the use of the Services for its own recruitment process;
the website at the address www.gyfted.me by means of which Human communicates with Clients and Users as well as provides Services;
Privacy Policy
updated information describing the principles of the processing of Users' and Representatives' personal data by Human within the Platform;
a natural person logging in to the Platform on behalf of the Client who is a legal person or an organisation without a legal personality;
the result of a psychometric assessment or analysis carried out as part of the Service;
Terms & Conditions
this document setting out the terms of use of the Services;
compiling a number of Reports that most closely match the Client's profile and specified requirements;
Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation);
The services provided by Human include the conduct of assessments, the storage of Reports as well as the provision of Reports in accordance with the User's instructions;
a natural person who voluntarily provides Human with his or her personal data in order to perform the Services or enters it as part of the use of the Service.
2.1. Human makes every effort to ensure that the use of the Platform is possible with all popular web browsers, operating systems, device types and Internet connection types. The minimum technical requirements for using the Platform are a web browser in the current version (or three preceding versions), accepting cookie files and an efficient internet connection.
2.2. Human shall, as far as possible, inform Users through the means available to it of any technical disruptions to the operation of the Platform, in particular by placing notices on the homepage or any other page of the Platform.
2.3. It is not required to create a User account on the Platform to use certain Services.
2.4. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions takes place through User activity on the Platform, e.g. setting up an account, consenting to the processing of personal data, using any Service or providing any data.
3.1. The service may be used by Users who meet all of the following conditions:
3.1.1. are at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity;
3.1.2. have accepted the Terms and Conditions;
3.2. Conditions of use of the Services are to:
3.2.1. consent to processing of the User's personal data (e.g. name and surname, email address);
3.2.2. correctly and single-handedly complete the psychometric assessment according to the posted instructions for use.
3.3. The agreement for the provision of Services by electronic means with the User is concluded for a period of time:
3.3.1. an agreement to conduct a psychometric assessment or analysis - for a specified period of time and is terminated at the moment Human provides a link to the Report;
3.3.2. agreement for maintaining the User's account, storing the Reports, providing access to the Reports and information services - for an indefinite period of time.
3.4. Electronic services provided to the User in the form of: storing the User's account, psychometric assessments and analyses or providing information services are free of charge.
3.5. The User may terminate the agreement for the provision of Services by electronic means with immediate effect and without stating reasons by sending an appropriate statement by e-mail to the address indicated in pt. 13.2 of the Regulations.
3.6. If it is found that the provisions of the Terms & Conditions have been violated, Human shall be entitled to discontinue providing the Services, terminate the agreement for provision of services by electronic means, delete the account of a given User, as well as delete all stored Reports or Recommendations.
4.1. Services provided to Clients are provided for a fee.
4.2. Agreements with customers are concluded in SaaS format in the form of a separate agreement.
4.3. To enter into an agreement with Human as an entrepreneur (Client) for recruitment purposes, please contact us at email address: [email protected]
5.1. Consenting to data processing is a condition to provide any Service.
5.2. Consents are displayed upon first entrance to the Platform in the form of a pop-up containing three consent forms:
5.2.1. consent for processing for and conducting individual psychometric assessments;
5.2.2. consent for sharing Reports with potential employers;
5.2.3. consent for digital footprints analysis for given services.
5.3. At all times you can grant or withdraw your consent by contacting us at [email protected]
5.4. Next to the content of each consent, there is a checkbox that must be checked or unchecked, and then confirm your decision by clicking the "remember" button.
5.5. Giving each consent unlocks the possibility of using the Services that depend on them.
6.1. There is a possibility of carrying out a psychometric assessment without creating a User account by clicking on a given assessment made available on the Platform. However, in order for the User to save the result of the assessment and gain full access to the platform’s services, it is necessary to sign up for a User account.
6.2. In order to create a user account, you must provide your e-mail address and a password of your choice.
6.3. A user account consists of two elements:
6.3.1. “My Dashboard” - includes information about the Reports developed, as well as tests or assessments that are available through the Service.
6.3.2. “Job Matching” - contains information about the Reports made available through the Platform to potential employers, the User's supplemental data, and the Reports produced in recruitment processes using the Platform.
6.4. When launching the "My Dashboard" for the first time, you should first calibrate this tool by providing some information about your career expectations.
6.5. A Customer account is created by Human upon the conclusion of a SaaS agreement. The access password to this account is provided to Representatives in accordance with the provisions of that agreement.
6.6. If you enter the Platform via a link received from a potential employer, after clicking the "Start" button, a psychometric assessment begins at the end of which you must provide your alias and email address.
7.1. All psychometric assessments are conducted online.
7.2. Providing answers to individual questions as part of taking a psychometric assessment is voluntary; however, providing them is necessary to perform the Service.
7.3. Answers to individual questions are made anonymous immediately after an assessment is conducted. Human discloses no data to anybody concerning answers provided by Users.
7.4. In order to conduct assessments correctly the User must:
7.4.1. provide answers to individual questions on his/her own,
7.4.2. provide honest answers.
7.5. Providing dishonest answers or answers influenced by third parties leads to incorrect results of assessments.
7.6. Results of conducted assessments are included in the Report.
8.1. The Report contains a graphical and verbal description of the User's personality and competencies, interpreted on the basis of answers given in a psychometric assessment or on the basis of information obtained from the User.
8.2. Report is displayed to the User immediately after it is prepared and a link to it will be sent to the User’s email address.
8.3. Upon receipt of a Report, the User has the right to decide to whom the content of the Report will be made available, by:
8.3.1. sending a link to the content of the Report by email, or
8.3.2. make the Report available as part of the Portal's functionality.
8.4. A link to the Report will be sent automatically to the email address provided when logging in to the Platform or before beginning of the assessment.
8.5. All assessments available via the Platform, unless otherwise specified, are conducted free of charge to Users.
9.1. Recommendations are a list of selected Reports that, according to Human, best fit the Client's profile and needs.
9.2. Reports which are taken into account while drafting Recommendations are Reports of:
9.2.1. Users, who have have given a consent to process their data for the purposes of recruitment processes carried out using original Human tools in the scope of the Services;
9.2.2. Users who have made a given Report publically available on the Platform;
9.2.3. Users taking part in a given Client recruitment process via a recruitment link generated on the Platform by the Client.
9.3. While drafting Recommendations, apart from the juxtaposition of skills and professional qualifications of a given User, matching of User’s given Report with created Client’s team profile can also be taken into account, in order to determine their compatibility and fit.
9.4. Recommendations contain information on Users, who, according to Human’s models, fit Client requirements for a given role and team best.
9.5. Recommendations are made as a result of performing a SaaS contract. Comprehensive terms and conditions of performing a Service and Human remuneration have been described in an agreement with a given Client.
10.1. Human hereby declares that the method used to examine User's personality and competencies have been prepared using professional knowledge and many years of experience in scientific research. Human reserves, however, that the method used by it does not give a 100% guarantee of the correctness of the results presented by Human in the Report concerning the User and the results may be distorted by various factors beyond Human's control.
10.2. The Report is a subjective evaluation by Human regarding the User's personal predispositions. In particular, the Report does not constitute a psychological opinion.
10.3. The User and the Clients accept that Human shall not be held liable for events occurring in connection with the performance of the Service, i.e. in particular for the lack of an offer to establish cooperation with the User and for the establishment of cooperation by the person ordering the performance of the Service with a User who does not meet the requirements of the person ordering the performance of the Service.
11.1. All the content placed on the Platform enjoys copyright protection and is the property of Human. The contents of psychometric assessments are the copyrighted work of Human.
11.2. Any copying of the whole or part of the questions contained in the psychometric assessments or the source code referred to in point 11.1. , without the consent of Human, is prohibited.
11.3. The Reports are the intellectual property of Human, the User may use it only for his own purposes not related to his business activity.
11.4. Recommendations are the intellectual property of Human, Clients are solely authorized to use them in connection with and for the purpose of recruiting for their own use.
11.5. Any use, by anyone, without the consent of Human, of any of the elements comprising the content of the Platform, Report or Recommendations constitutes an infringement of Human's copyright and may result in civil and criminal liability.
12.1. Before using the Service, the User must consent to the processing of his/her personal data by checking the check-box next to the relevant consent.
12.2. Rules for processing personal data are contained in Privacy Policy.
12.3. Human is not liable for the consequences of making the content of the Report available to unauthorized persons as a result of direct or indirect actions or omissions of the User.
13.1. If, in the User's opinion, the Services are not performed by Human in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use, the User may file objections in the manner set forth below.
13.2. Complaint might be sent, in an electronic form at the email address [email protected]
13.3. Complaints will be handled in the order of receipt, but no later than within 14 (fourteen) days. If a complaint does not contain the information necessary to be considered, Human shall request the User to supplement it in the necessary scope, and the 14 (fourteen) day deadline shall run from the date of delivery of the supplemented complaint.
13.4. In justified cases, Human may extend the deadline for the complaint handling by additional 14 (fourteen) days, about which the person lodging the complaint will be informed.
13.5. A person submitting a complaint will be informed about the manner of resolving the complaint by e-mail to the address from which the complaint was sent.
13.6. The User has the right to appeal against the decision made by Human as part of the complaint. The provisions of sections 13.2, 13.3 and 13.4 shall apply accordingly.
14.1. Human is entitled to amend the Regulations, together with an indication of the effective date of the new or amended provisions of the Regulations. Users will be informed about amendments to the Regulations by email sent to the address provided by the User while using the Services.
14.2. The law applicable to Services provided by Human through the Platform is Polish law.
14.3. The Terms and Conditions are effective as of October 1st 2021.
Gyfted 2021, Palo Alto, CA 94305. All rights reserved.