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Remote Work Index

Assess remote work potential

Save time reviewing high volumes of applicants.

Use Gyfted's remote worker screening solution to quickly discover which candidates could be effective remote workers for your team.

Candidate screening

For People leaders running remote teams

Remote work readiness tests

Make more informed decisions in talent acquisition and team building. Pick the assessments you need for your remote team development needs, including:
  • - Growth mindset
  • - Personality strengths
  • - Communication style
  • - Culture
  • - Personal Values

One link to share and engage

One click link sharing lets you easily distribute and engage team members and final round interview candidates alike.

Manage remote teams

Learn about your team and individual work styles to get actionable insights. Understand character traits, communication styles, individual motivations to better align individuals with your remote work mode and culture.

Remote team benchmarks

Gyfted is transforming the process of identifying remote high performers by integrating behavioral science and competency knowledge graphs. This approach provides a nuanced understanding of remote worker potential, emphasizing attributes such as self-discipline, proactivity, and adaptability. By applying these insights, People & Culture leaders can more accurately identify and develop remote teams.

Available core talent assessments

Culture and Personality
Develop people and teams based on their strengths and preferences.
Conflict Style
Effectively resolve conflicts by identifying individual conflict resolution styles.
Growth Mindset
Foster proactivity and resilience by identifying attitudes.
Emotional Intelligence
Improve team collaboration by measuring empathy and emotion management.
Personal Values
Align your people and teams by understanding your shared values.
Cognitive Ability
Discover and promote high potential individual contributors.

For Talent Acquisition leaders dealing with high volumes of remote applicants

Screen high applicant volume

Screen for preferences and personality traits conducive to remote work. Research shows that people self-select into occupations depending on their personality and preferences, and certain personalities simply “fit” certain types of work environments, including remote work.

Remote mode filters

Filter your applicants for skills, time-zone, geography, region, salary and work eligibility. Sort applicants by role fit and overall fit relevant to the role, your needs and distributed team setup. Avoid wasting time on candidates that clearly don’t line up with your remote setup.

Remote Work Index

Figure out who could be a great fit for your remote work setup based on shared values and cultural preference. Easily evaluate remote candidates to identify who to interview and who to hire.

Measure remote team culture

Discover your remote team culture in terms of the leading methodology for uncovering organizational culture - Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Get insights into who to hire from a culture add point of view. Because we all perform differently in various distributed work environments, hiring skills first only doesn’t work. The remote culture you’re hiring for will impact your performance and team dynamics.

Stack rank remote applicants

Stack rank candidates anywhere in your hiring funnel automatically based on their competencies, preferences and behavioral traits. It’s all designed to let you make better hiring decisions - you are the ultimate decision-maker, our recruiting assistant is here to aid your talent acquisition.

Measure reasoning ability

We test for reasoning ability in order to help you discover high potential, motivated technical candidates capable of performing in distributed teams. Ideal for software developers and data engineers.

Reliable talent assessment tools

Pre hire screening
that helps you avoid mis-hires and hire talent that fits for the long run.
Job specs
defined through our computer adaptive hiring needs assessment.
Assess with no limits
by not paying any fees per test, per candidate or per employee.
Lower your turnover
by hiring for company culture fit and role fit first.
Benchmark performers
get deeper insights into your leaders and high performers using behavioral science.
Improve team performance
by hiring for team fit and diversity.

Used by teams inside growth startups and brands in the US & Europe

Remote Work Assessment

Frequently asked questions

How do I form a talented remote team?

Forming a remote team requires multiple steps. First, clearly define the roles and necessary skills for each position. Utilize advanced recruitment platforms that incorporate AI to screen candidates and assess their compatibility with remote work - such as Gyfted. You’ll want to prioritize candidates with remote work experience and/or evaluate essential soft skills like communication, self-motivation, and proactive attitudes. Conduct thorough video interviews to gauge candidates' technical skills and cultural fit. Implement a comprehensive onboarding process and promote a strong company culture. Finally, provide ongoing support and professional development to keep remote team members engaged and growing. These steps will help you build a cohesive and effective remote team.

How to screen remote candidates?

Screening remote candidates effectively, due to their extreme volume, involves using advanced recruitment platforms that leverage AI to assess candidates' skills and compatibility with remote work - like Gyfted. Prioritize candidates with previous remote work experience and evaluate their soft skills, such as communication, self-motivation, and time management. Conduct interviews to assess their technical abilities and cultural fit. Consider implementing practical tasks or job simulations that mimic real job scenarios to gauge their specific skills and working style.

How to find remote talent?

Finding remote talent involves utilizing online job boards and platforms dedicated to remote work, such as Remote.co, We Work Remotely, FlexJobs, RemoteOK and Remote.com. Leverage professional networks like LinkedIn to reach a broader audience. Participate in virtual job fairs and remote work communities to connect with potential candidates. Communities most certainly can be great referral sources.

How are Gyfted’s assessments validated?

At it's core our assessments stem from organizational psychology research. We build our tools based on theory and check their performance using various methods. We run planned experiments on closed samples to check for social desirability in our item banks. We test - retest our users in order to evaluate stability and reliability of measured traits. Using classical test theory methods (for example: EFA and CFA) we verify the internal structure of our assessments and scales and make sure they are invariant across multiple samples and sources. Finally, once enough information is gathered we reevaluate these assessments using IRT based methods and replace their static formats to computer adaptive testing (CAT).

Are the tests getting better over time?

Our tests are normalized and we’re continuously growing our item banks, as well as testing our tests across populations and job types. Our assessments are continuously developed towards better computer adaptive testing (CAT).
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