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Explore a wide array of remote roles tailored to your skills and interests. At Gyfted, we've built the best remote job board to simplify your job search. Discover opportunities in various sectors, including tech, recruitment, and more. Start your journey to a fulfilling remote work experience with us today.

KR66 Finance Controller
Cybernetic Controls Limited
Technical Accounting and Reporting Manager
Zero Hash
United States
Accountant Budget Analyst
United States
Project Manager - Support Operations
Technical Support Engineer
Menlo Security
80K - 140K USD / YEAR
United States
Sr. Security Engineer
Manager, Software Engineering
Rebellion Defense
198K - 242K USD / YEAR
United States
(148) UX/UI Designer
Quality Assurance Associate with Chinese
Keywords Studios Plc
Senior Counsel - International Legal
Senior Accountant
Senior Manager, Accounting
Lyra Health
United States
NETA (Massachusetts Market) Candidates
Lead Workday Analyst
Tech Firefly
119K - 159K USD / YEAR
United States
Risk UX Specialist II
82K - 107K USD / YEAR
United States
Project Coordinator / Accountant
Elevate and Delegate
14K - 18K USD / YEAR
Research Analyst
Director of Finance - Healthcare (Hybrid Remote)
180K - 220K USD / YEAR
United States
Manager, Accounting and Business Operations
125K - 145K USD / YEAR
Senior Engagement Manager, Provider Marketing
Spring Health
109K - 141K USD / YEAR
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WFH jobs near me

1. The trend of remote work or working from home (WFH) has gained immense popularity in recent years. With advancements in technology, many companies now offer WFH jobs, providing employees with flexibility, comfort and convenience. If you're looking for WFH jobs near you, search online job portals or connect with recruitment agencies to explore opportunities in your area. 2. Remote work has become a game-changer in the modern job market. Thanks to digital tools, professionals can now work from anywhere in the world without worrying about geographical boundaries. Moreover, WFH jobs offer a perfect balance of work and life, allowing employees to manage their personal and professional commitments seamlessly. As you search for WFH jobs near you, remember to tailor your CV and cover letter to suit the job requirements. 3. The WFH job market is growing rapidly, with a wide range of job opportunities available across industries. From part-time and full-time roles to contract and freelance positions, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be it tech, finance, sales or marketing, many companies now offer WFH jobs. So, if you're looking for WFH jobs near you, go online and explore the various options to find a job that suits your skills, experience and preferences.

Remote Job Search that's passive and anonymous for you

The modern job market demands a progressive approach, and our remote job aggregator by Gyfted is a game changer. It streamlines your remote job search, providing a passive and anonymous platform for job seekers. This unique approach not only saves your valuable time but also ensures your privacy, making it an ideal choice for those who value discretion in their job hunt. Our platform features remote job opportunities from across the globe, with a particular concentration on North America, UK, Europe, and Australia. This global reach provides an impressive variety of job options across many sectors, predominantly tech. This extensive pool empowers you to choose from a broad range of opportunities that fit your skills and career goals, enhancing your chances of landing the perfect remote job. The Gyfted remote job aggregator goes beyond traditional job search platforms. By offering a passive and anonymous job search experience, it allows you to explore opportunities without the stress and pressure usually associated with job hunting. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive database of remote job listings, we're committed to helping you take the next step in your career, wherever in the world that might be.

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Frequently asked questions

How to find WFH jobs?

Firstly, begin your search for work-from-home (WFH) jobs by utilizing online platforms and websites that specifically cater to remote roles. Websites such as WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs, Remote.co, and many others have a vast array of job postings from companies all over the world seeking remote workers. LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor also allow users to filter their job search to only show remote positions. It's important to read job descriptions thoroughly to ensure the role is truly remote and fits your skills and experience.
Secondly, enhance your online presence - showcase your abilities, skills and experiences on professional networks like LinkedIn, as many recruiters nowadays use such platforms to find potential candidates. Networking also plays a crucial role. Connect with professionals or join groups in your field of expertise. Many job opportunities are not published publicly and are filled through references or internal networks. Refining your resume and cover letter to highlight your ability to work independently and efficiently in a remote setting can also greatly increase your chances of obtaining a WFH job.

How to find remote jobs near me?

Finding remote jobs near you can be achieved by utilizing a number of online resources that specialize in remote job listings. Websites such as Remote.co, FlexJobs, and We Work Remotely, among many others, consistently post a wide range of job opportunities that are location-independent. Additionally, mainstream job search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor offer remote job filters that you can apply to your search. Remember, when searching for remote jobs, the location is less relevant since the work is typically done online.
Besides job listing websites, joining online communities dedicated to remote work can also be beneficial. Networking platforms such as Slack, Discourse, and Meetup have groups where remote job advertisements and advice are regularly shared. Professional social network platforms such as LinkedIn can also be used to connect with individuals and companies that regularly hire remote workers. Ensure that your profile is up to date and reflects that you are seeking remote work opportunities. Furthermore, subscribe to newsletters from tech and recruitment websites to get updates on new remote job listings.