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Talent Assessment Tools

Build Stronger Teams

Assess talent accurately using user friendly culture, work and cognitive assessments.
Improve talent development and provide a great experience with engaging feedback.

Screening & Selection

Hiring assessment tools image
Identify great talent. Our assessments help you identify who fits your team in a sea of applicants. Hire for role and culture fit using psychometrically robust assessments.

Talent Insights

Team culture assessments
Measure, develop and promote talent. Analyze individual values and competencies. Build resilient and adaptable tems. Benchmark your high performers and leaders

Reliable talent assessment tools

Pre hire screening
that helps you avoid mis-hires and hire talent that fits for the long run.
Job specs
defined through our computer adaptive hiring needs assessment.
Assess with no limits
by not paying any fees per test, per candidate or per employee.
Lower your turnover
by hiring for company culture fit and role fit first.
Benchmark performers
get deeper insights into your leaders and high performers using behavioral science.
Improve team performance
by hiring for team fit and diversity.

Candidate Assessment Software

Identify applicants aligned with your needs

Automated ranking
based on your preferences and requirements, that saves you time reviewing CVs.
Unlimited applicants
test as many applicants as you need to.
Two-way matching
based on the alignment between your preferences and candidate competencies.

Access assessments with no per-test fees

Don't pay any fees per test or per candidate. Do not be limited by access to assessments. Have a tool you can use at any time you want, to get the data you need, for all your applicants and employees.

Get versatile tools for assessing talent with no limits. Take advantage of psychometric assessments at any stage of your talent cycle - screening, selecting, developing and building teams - without worrying about usage costs.

Detailed behavioral insights

Talent management assessments

Internal talent mobility
promote people by identifying their competencies and abilities.
Lower employee turnover
by aligning for values and team fit. Engage employees with gamified, positive feedback.
Improve team building
using behavioral science to raise individual self-awareness and improve team composition.

Talent development tools

Benchmark your leaders and top performers

Gain awareness of your employees and culture. Get data-driven insights that will help you improve your team dynamics.

Create meaningful talent development initiatives. Enable individuals and leaders with talent, team and performance insights with easy to use, shareable reports.

Remote Readiness

Measure competencies that matter in remote and distributed work.
Capture remote attitudes
discover traits and preferences that predict remote work efficiency.
Save time screening
hundreds of applicants while giving a great candidate experience.
Match for remote fit
easily screen for time-zone, geography or work mode.

Culture Canvas

Align people and teams around values and culture preferences
Reveal your true culture
Understand how your employees perceive your norms and company culture, and what they desire.
Assess for culture add
Evaluate values and culture preferences to improve team performance through diversity and alignment.
Transform your culture
Identify misalignment and which areas of your team culture require attention.

Frequently asked questions

What is 360 recruitment?

360 recruitment is a full-cycle service that handles the recruitment process from start to finish. It involves such stages as role preparation, candidate sourcing, screening, hiring, and onboarding. It also means that through a 360 recruitment service, the recruiter discovers and takes into account all the relevant information and needs of both the client and candidate and is a point of contact between them. 180 recruitment is a similar process to 360 recruitment, yet with fewer steps. You can often consider executive search as a 360 recruitment process.

What are examples of automation in recruitment?

Recruiting automation involves using technologies to replace a conventional manual recruitment process with an automated workflow. Automation in recruitment reduces repetitive tasks and can help modernize candidate sourcing, communication with them, interview scheduling, and assessments. It should be thought of as part of improving recruiter productivity. Recruitment automation can help save time, boost productivity, identify quality candidates, reduce the cost of recruitment, and reduce hiring bias. It is especially relevant when quickly scaling the team, when limited resources are available, or when dealing with scale, such as volume hiring.

How to increase recruiting effectiveness?

There are several ways to improve the recruitment and selection process:
- Ensure the application is simple and short enough not to become an obstacle for a candidate
- Ensure that the careers page and job ads are clear, attractive, engaging, informative, user-friendly, inclusive, and truthful
- Source candidates from various places including social media, LinkedIn or job boards
- Build a talent pool and include past candidates in the recruitment process
- Build checklists for structured hiring procedures, assignments, tests, and structured interviews. Use email templates to improve candidate communications.
- Monitor job postings, use data to improve processes
- Invest in onboarding. Research shows that the quality of onboarding is the key factor behind ensuring lower turnover with a company, besides ensuring person-job fit.
Alternatively, recruiting effectiveness can be increased using 360 recruitment and custom automated Recruiting & Talent solutions and services.

What does hiring for culture fit mean?

Culture fit involves determining the likelihood that a candidate will be able to fit in with the core values and collective behaviors that exist in your team or organization. Hiring for cultural fit means ensuring that the company’s culture helps people thrive as individuals and as a team. Employees are more likely to enjoy work when their needs and values are consistent with their employers and tend to develop better relationships with coworkers while being more proactive and productive. Hiring for culture fit is not at odds with hiring for culture add or hiring for diversity, and should all be goals that teams aspire to.

What is the cost of software for hiring?

There are various recruiting tools with prices ranging from $50 to $10,000+ per month. Gyfted offers free recruitment management software, as well as advanced packages at a competitive price as SaaS when it comes to screening applicants, posting jobs and sourcing candidates in tech and services, as well as measuring team culture and hiring for culture fit.
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