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Our Assessments

Career Discovery
Motivation and Values
Job Search Tools
5 min
Picture Personality
Get an overall view of your Big Five personality traits by choosing pictures that describe you best
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    4 min
    Enneagram test
    Check your conflict solving style
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      10 min
      Sudoku IQ Test
      Check your ability to think logically by solving this sudoku like puzzle
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        3 min
        Divergent thinking test
        Check your verbal creativity and unconventional thinking
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          10 min
          Personality Assessment
          Get an overall picture of yourself with insights into your personality and character.
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            2 min
            Work Strengths
            Show your biggest strengths to your future employer.
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              7 min
              Work Personality
              Discover the top traits that help you excel and determine your work fit.
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                5 min
                Company Culture
                Check your Company Culture
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                  1 min
                  Work Values
                  Discover what types of jobs and work environments will fit you best.
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                    4 min
                    Reasoning Ability
                    Check your reasoning abilities.
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                      4 min
                      Working Styles
                      Discover your work-related traits and identify the main styles that determine your ways of working.
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                        8 min
                        Values assessment
                        What principles impact your behavior and guide your life choices? Discover your core values here.
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                          2 min
                          Career Culture Preferences
                          Discover your company culture preferences - helps align you with cultures you'll enjoy.
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                            Job Matching for Bootcamp students
                            Get matched to projects and tech jobs. Learn about your culture fit as you shift into tech!
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                              Start your career in tech
                              We’re building a service for students and graduates looking for entry-level and junior roles.
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                                2 min
                                Remote Mindset
                                Check your remote fit and compare it to that of your friends and teammates.
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                                  10 min
                                  Social Intelligence
                                  Can you understand emotions of other people? Discover your social IQ.
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                                    2 min
                                    Music Personality
                                    What is your music personality?
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                                      2 min
                                      Startup Mindset
                                      What’s your startup mindset? What kinds of organizations will you thrive in?
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                                        10 min
                                        Jungian assessment
                                        Measure your preferences for dealing and relating to people, decision making and organizing life.
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                                          1 min
                                          Growth Mindset
                                          Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Based on the famous work by prof Carol Dweck.
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                                            360 feedback
                                            Use this 360 feedback tool to get concise, structured, science-based feedback from people who know you. Get feedback from friends / colleagues / lecturers / supervisors.
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                                              5 min
                                              Quadrants of Conformism
                                              What type of person are you? Based on Four Quadrants of Conformism by Paul Graham.
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                                                2 min
                                                Motivational assessment
                                                Check out your intrinsic motivational traits.
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                                                  4 min
                                                  Entrepreneurial Personality
                                                  Do you have an entrepreneurial personality? Get insights in this quick quiz.
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                                                    6 min
                                                    Cope Inventory
                                                    Are you curious how you cope with stressful situations? Take this test!
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                                                      8 min
                                                      Reasoning under pressure
                                                      Check your ability to reason quickly under time pressure.
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                                                        6 min
                                                        Emotional Intelligence
                                                        Check your ability to identify, understand & evaluate your emotions and those of other people.
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                                                          4 min
                                                          Communication Styles
                                                          Discover your communication style!
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                                                            10 min
                                                            Full Personality assessment
                                                            Understand yourself well with specific insights into your personality and character.
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                                                              Free Personality tests

                                                              All of the following assessment tools explore an individual's personality thoroughly, although the Big5 is the gold standard among personality assessments. And what’s key is that are all available for free here:

                                                              Personality traits and types across tests

                                                              If you’re interested you can learn more about our personality assessments and about our cognitive ability assessments from an employment perspective.
                                                              personality assessment results
                                                              There’s various personality facets (constructs) used in the Big Five test to describe personality, like introvert vs extrovert, conscientious, open to experience, neurotic, agreeable, and honest.
                                                              jungian assessment results
                                                              There’s 16 various personality types in the Jungian, MBTI, and 16 personality tests. Among them you can find the following most common types like: INFJ, INFP, ENFP, INTJ, INTP, ENFJ, ENTJ, ENTP, ISFJ, ISFP, ISTJ, ISTP, ESFJ.
                                                              enneagram test results
                                                              There’s various enneagram types used to describe personality, that fall into the following: Enneagram 9, Enneagram 8, Enneagram 7, Enneagram 6, Enneagram 5, Enneagram 4, Enneagram 3, Enneagram 2, Enneagram 1.
                                                              reasoning under pressure results
                                                              There’s a multitude of cognitive and reasoning tests that are free for your use. You can try our tests for critical thinking, abstract reasoning, spatial reasoning, problem-solving, data analysis, cognitive ability, theory of mind (social intelligence), and verbal reasoning in our growing database.
                                                              Free self assessment as well as team assessment and team formation tools
                                                              You can find useful, free self assessment tools for personal development and career development on Gyfted. Our individual, self-report tests are open sourced so you can use them for free. After taking an online test you can then share it with friends, family, colleagues or your mentor, coach or boss to discuss your personal development path and how to improve your team.

                                                              In combination with Gyfted’s team culture assessments, you have a powerful, free set of tools to improve personal and team performance.
                                                              Find jobs that fit you based on your personality and preferences
                                                              Discover whether you’re a culture fit and role fit for remote and hybrid jobs!

                                                              Frequently asked questions

                                                              Why is the Big Five personality test reliable?

                                                              The Big 5 personality test (OCEAN) is a reliable and valid measure of personality traits based on five broad dimensions: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. It is deemed trustworthy due to its high internal consistency and test-retest reliability, as well as its rigorous scientific development process. It is very widely used in research and practical applications, such as career development, hiring, and in clinical settings.

                                                              What should be a primary use of a personality test? 

                                                              Personality tests are designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves by identifying their unique strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. These tests can also be useful in determining potential career paths, improving communication and relationships with others, and identifying areas for personal growth and development. It's important to remember that personality tests are a tool for self-reflection and not a definitive label, and it's important to use validated tests that can also be used for hiring and recruitment purposes.

                                                              What is the best personality test to take? 

                                                              There is no single "best" personality test to take, although the Big Five personality test is considered as the best, most empirically sound and validated, methodology for evaluating personality and behaviors. If you’re looking for a personality quiz like any of these below then you’ve come to the right place:
                                                              - free MBTI test
                                                              - free Big 5 test
                                                              - free DISC test
                                                              - free Enneagram test
                                                              - free 16 personalities
                                                              - Am I a good person quiz
                                                              - Am I a nice person quiz
                                                              - Am I a narcissist quiz 
                                                              - Difficult person test 

                                                              What does a cognitive ability test measure?

                                                              A cognitive ability test measures a person's cognitive abilities across a range of domains. These may include memory, attention, processing speed, spatial reasoning, and verbal abilities by assessing a person's capacity for learning and problem-solving in different areas, and can be used in a variety of contexts eg. educational or occupational settings. A cognitive ability test can provide insight into an individual's cognitive strengths and weaknesses, as well as their potential for success in certain areas. By measuring a broad range of cognitive abilities, cognitive ability tests can offer a more comprehensive view of a person's intellectual capabilities than other types of tests.

                                                              How to ace a logical reasoning test?

                                                              Familiarize yourself with different question types, practicing problem-solving skills with sample questions, reviewing correct answers, staying focused, reading instructions carefully, and avoiding second-guessing.

                                                              How to do well on verbal reasoning tests?

                                                              Build vocabulary and comprehension skills, reading quickly and accurately, paying attention to details, looking for clues in the questions, and reading questions before passages to focus on relevant details.

                                                              How to pass a logical reasoning test?

                                                              Study different types of questions, practicing problem-solving, avoiding assumptions, using logical methods, taking time, reviewing answers, and focusing on areas needing improvement.

                                                              How to pass a numerical reasoning test?

                                                              Practice mental arithmetic or a calculator, brushing up on basic math skills, identifying patterns, using logic, taking time, checking answers, familiarizing with test format and time limits.

                                                              How to pass an abstract reasoning test?

                                                              Identify patterns and relationships, think creatively and logically, use trial and error, read instructions carefully, and use deductive and inductive reasoning, and stay calm and rested before the assessment.

                                                              How to pass an IQ test?

                                                              You can better pass an IQ test by building problem-solving and critical thinking skills, improving memory and processing speed, identifying patterns and relationships, familiarizing with test format and time limits, and staying calm and focused.

                                                              How to pass deductive reasoning tests?

                                                              By identifying rules and patterns, using logical thinking to deduce correct answers, practicing problem-solving, and reading instructions carefully.

                                                              How to pass an inductive reasoning test?

                                                              By identifying patterns and trends, making predictions, using logical and critical thinking, practicing problem-solving, and familiarizing with test format and time limits.

                                                              Cognitive Ability Test vs IQ Tests?

                                                              Cognitive tests and IQ tests are both used to measure a person's intellectual capabilities. However, they are not identical. Cognitive ability tests are more comprehensive and can measure a wider range of cognitive abilities, including memory, processing speed, spatial reasoning, and verbal abilities. On the other hand, IQ tests measure a specific type of cognitive ability, namely intelligence.
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