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Free assessments, with this one aimed at identifying your work strengths.

This professional characteristics quiz is aimed at identifying your strengths and positive personality traits that help you in the workplace.


What are your qualities for work? This quiz provides you with insights into your key strengths at work. You will better understand the characteristics that will help you find the right fit at work and your role in your team and workplace.

Why is this of value to me?

Knowing what your strengths are in a team and understanding your strong personality traits can help you boost your personal and professional development. Having insights into how persistent, sociable, responsible, creative, conscientious, and analytical you are and what your levels of self-confidence and self-discipline can be, can help you pick the right career options that fit your strengths.

How you can use this test?

Ways you can use your online work strengths quiz results:
Get a list of your top strengths at work and instant feedback
Become more self-aware of how your strengths are developed
Share your personality traits list with friends and compare yourselves

How it works?

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          Frequently asked questions

          How do I find out what my strengths in the workplace are?

          Your professional strengths are closely linked to your positive character traits. Thus, you can identify your strengths in the workplace by learning about your personal and professional characteristics. To find out what a person's strengths are, one can take a job qualities, strengths, or skills assessment. For instance, an online career strengths quiz like this one for free.

          Why is it important to identify your own strengths?

          Identifying one's strengths can aid in increasing self-awareness and getting a new appreciation for traits one previously undervalued in themselves. Understanding strengths also helps a person have a better grasp of what makes them unique, and how their personality impacts their team, and can help pick the right career options that fit their strengths and traits. Knowing and being able to show one’s own strengths is crucial to stand out among others when applying for a job. The best CV should include a combination of strength, hard skills, and soft skills. Gyfted helps candidates stand out using our unique Personality CV solution.

          What are good work characteristics?

          Examples of positive character traits and strengths at work include:
          - Persistence means continuing despite the difficulty
          - Sociability implies enjoying spending time and being around others
          - Responsibility and conscientiousness at work are senses of duty to deal with or complete something and do it well and thoroughly.
          - Creativity means using imagination or original ideas to create something new
          - Self-Confidence implies calm behavior as a result of having no doubts about your ability or knowledge
          - Analytical mind means using mental skills to solve problems by organizing and evaluating gathered information
          - Self-discipline is an ability to organize self well for the sake of improvement
          - Resilience in the workplace and a flexible mindset imply the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and adapt to them

          What is the difference between work strengths and work attitudes?

          Strengths are personality traits that one is good at. There are a variety of strengths one can have. For example, the person can be creative, conscientious at work, responsible, resilient, analytical, persistent, sociable, self-confident, well organized, self-disciplined and/or have a flexible mindset.
          On the other hand, attitudes are settled ways of thinking or feeling about something that affects a person's behavior. Attitudes can be positive, negative and neutral. Positive ones include optimism, reliability, optimism, and confidence. Negative ones are represented by resentment, pessimism, doubt and hatred. Neutral attitudes are indifference and detachment.

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