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Discover what tech job and organizational culture fit is best for you using our free career personality test. Get feedback that you can share with friends and career advisors.

This quiz is based on constructs for assessing preferred work and job domains especially in tech organizations.

This career personality quiz is a validated way of testing what job suits you and what career choices are best for you to make.


Gyfted’s free online career fit quiz provides you with insights into what kind of job could suit you best. You will be able to better understand whether you prefer working at a startup or in a large company.

Why is this of value to me?

Tech and knowledge industry culture fit varies in terms of preferences for job types such as creative functions or operations functions, types of organizations like a startup or large company, culture types including traditional structured or flexible ones, and personal motivations such as mission-driven or engineering-driven cultures. Having the knowledge and understanding of your career personality can help you pick the right job where you can achieve your top performance, stay satisfied, and be inspired to continue.

How you can use this test?

Ways you can use your online free career personality assessment results:
Get instant feedback on what career fits you based on your answers
Become more aware of the job and organization types that suit your personality
Share your personality quiz results with friends and see how you compare

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      Frequently asked questions

      How to find the right career?

      Different organizations and job types have varying work cultures that may suit different people. Therefore, the first step in finding the right career is recognizing your own work culture preferences. This can be done using a self-assessment test like this one.

      What is work culture?

      Startups and large companies often have different work cultures, as the demands put on such organizations are radically different, and hence require different cultures and attitudes in order to succeed. Additionally, one’s function in the company such as creative or operations functions determines the work culture and consequently person-job fit.
      Culture types at work include traditional structure which means clearly defined job specifications and managerial hierarchy, and a flexible one where the organization is more flat and work is very cross-functional. Furthermore, different jobs and workplaces in the tech industry may have varying culture motivations, which can include mission-driven or engineering-driven.

      What is the difference between traditional organization and workplace like startup?

      The traditional organizational structure which is usually seen in large companies differs from startups in their workplace culture.
      Traditional organization structure usually implies clearly defined goals, stable work-life balance, and a well-established systematic work pattern with specific tasks in a certain order that have to be completed in a fixed time
      Startup culture tends to include more cross-functional work, and a flat organizational structure and is usually more people-centric which implies seeing a person behind the job title. Such companies usually have no dress code and prefer informal communication between colleagues.

      What is career personality?

      One’s career culture fit depends on their own interests, personality traits, and motivations, as well as your team’s, manager’s and organizations’s. It’s part of what drives and gives sense to an individual's actions, desires, and needs to learn at work. Different tech organizations and job types have varying culture motivations which suit different career personalities.
      Some organizations have a mission-driven culture which involves leaders providing clear intent and purpose of the company’s activity. Many companies have a customer-centric approach with a great passion for customers. Other cultures include business-driven and engineering-driven ones. They imply a greater focus on results, solving problems, and technological leadership.
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