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Personality can be inferred based on music taste

Music genre and personality are linked through research that uses a psychometrics character test and music style surveys. Research shows that there are associations between musical taste and personality traits. However, individual differences in musical taste arise from a complex interplay of various factors, such as cultural environment and personal experiences.


This music styles quiz is worth taking if you want to discover your styles of music and how they relate to your personality. Music preferences are correlated to personality traits.

Why is this of value to me?

Learn what your favorite music genre says about you in an instant with feedback. This feedback can not only be fun but can perhaps give you certain insights, for instance to what degree you're probably an extrovert person, to what degree you are creative, to what degree you're an independent thinker, and so forth.

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        Frequently asked questions

        What do music preferences reveal about personality?

        Research suggests that music preferences can be linked to certain personality traits. For example, people who prefer more intense, fast-paced music may be more likely to be high in energy and open to new experiences, while people who prefer more mellow, relaxed music may be more likely to be easy-going and open to new ideas. Learn more on the psychology of music preference topic using this relevant research: Musical Preferences Predict Personality: Evidence From Active Listening and Facebook Likes, Gideon Nave, Juri Minxha, David M. Greenberg, Michal Kosinski, David Stillwell, and Jason Rentfrow - Volume 29, Issue 7 Greenberg, D. M., Baron-Cohen, S., Stillwell, D. J., Kosinski, M., & Rentfrow, P. J. (2015), Musical Preferences are Linked to Cognitive Styles. PLOS ONE

        Are music taste and personality related?

        They are. However, associations between musical taste and personality traits are not necessarily causal and individual differences in musical preferences are likely due to a complex interplay of factors, including cultural and personal experiences. Music preferences are just one aspect of a person's personality and should not be used to make assumptions about someone's character or behavior. Learn more on this topic with this relevant research: Greenberg, D. M., Kosinski, M., Stillwell, D. J., Monteiro, B. L., Levitin, D. J., & Rentfrow P. J. (2016) The Song Is You: Preferential Reactions to Musical Attribute Dimensions Reflect Personality. Social Psychological and Personality Science

        How you can assess your personality traits?

        There are several ways how to assess personality traits. One way is by taking a personality test, such as the Big Five Factor Model (FFM, Big Five, OCEAN), which measures five broad dimensions of personality: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These tests are typically self-report measures, which means you will be asked to answer questions about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Another way to assess your personality traits is through the use of personality inventories, which are standardized questionnaires that measure specific personality traits. If you're into trying new things then you can try out this Quadrants of Conformism assessment, or Emotional Intelligence assessment. It's also possible to gain insight into your personality traits by reflecting on your own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and by asking friends and family members for their observations of your personality. Personality is complex and multifaceted and of relevance for life and professional choices we all make, as it impacts our behaviors and preferences. With Gyfted, you can take our Jung Personality Type assessment for fun. For more valid measures of personality you can take our core, free personality assessment.
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