Work Values Test

Discover what values are important to you in a job and at your workplace using our free online career values test and receive immediate feedback that you can share with anyone.

A scientific test based on O*Net’s work values inventory for assessing global aspects of work relevant to personal satisfaction.

This personal values at work quiz tests motivators at work, ie. what satisfies one at work. Based on the Theory of Work Adjustment (Dawis & Lofquist, 1984).


Gyfted’s free online work values self-assessment provides you with insights into careers that fit your personality and what motivates you in the workplace. You will be able to better understand what your work values are and what brings you job satisfaction.

Why is this of value to me?
It is of great importance to have a list of your career motivators as it helps you figure out what job you should pick to stay inspired to continue.
Having the knowledge and understanding of your work values, such as making your own decisions or achieving personal accomplishments, can boost your personal and professional development as well as provide you with a career roadmap.

How you can use this test?

Ways you can use your online free work values assessment results:
Get a list of what motivates you in the workplace and instant feedback based on your answers
Become more aware of jobs that fit your personality and values
Share your work values quiz results with friends and see how you compare

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Work Values Test

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the definition of work values?

    Work values can be defined as beliefs, principles or standards that matter most to someone regarding their career or place of work. Work values determine what drives and motivates a person at work and what type of career and organization is more suitable for a person. For example, for some people getting a sense of achievement at work and being recognized is more important than having good relationships with colleagues and space for creativity. For some, it is the other way round. The work values test used here is inspired by the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net work values inventory for assessing global aspects of work relevant to personal satisfaction, classified as Occupational Reinforcer Patterns (ORPs) that are based on the Theory of Work Adjustment (Dawis & Lofquist, 1984).

    What are examples of work values?

    Types of work values include:
    - Autonomy at work means having freedom and independence to work in a way that suits a person.
    - Working alone also means an independent pattern of work with minimal or no interactions with others.
    - Individual achievement – knowing and seeing own accomplishments in the workplace as well as having a feeling of success.
    - Recognition at work implies that one’s work and accomplishments are acknowledged within the organization.
    - Good working conditions – comfortable working areas and routine.
    - Follow rules – having set rules available to follow.
    - Creativity – having some space for creating and inventing things at work, introducing novel ideas.
    - Putting good relationships with other employees within the company and getting required support when needed.

    Why are work values important?

    Understanding personal values at the workplace is crucial for choosing jobs that fit the personality, and during interviews. Knowing what one’s work values are can help them plan a career, look for opportunities in their current work, or make a career change. Choosing the right career that fits one’s work values can increase happiness at work and even life satisfaction in the long run.

    How to determine your values at the workplace?

    One of the easy ways to understand what one’s values at the workplace are is to take a psychometric test. Such tests use psychometric tools for self-assessing work values. Personal values or motivators at work assessments are based on a series of questions that will point to their deepest values, beliefs, and motivating factors.

    What is the difference between work values and career motivators?

    Work values determine what drives, motivates, and brings a person happiness at work while fulfilling daily tasks. On the other hand, career motivators are what energize one when thinking about career goals. Career motivators are about activities a person would like to fulfill or skills that person would like to learn.

    What are work values?

    Work values are the guiding principles that dictate what we believe is important in our professional lives. They are the beliefs and attitudes that influence our behavior and decision-making when it comes to our careers. Understanding our work values can help us identify what motivates us, what we find meaningful in our work, and what we prioritize in our professional lives.
    For some people, work values may include things like achievement, recognition, and advancement. Others may prioritize work-life balance, flexibility, and autonomy. Still, others may value creativity, innovation, and the ability to make a difference in the world through their work.
    Work values vary from person to person and can change over time as we gain experience. Some people find that their work values are closely aligned with the values of their organization, while others may feel a disconnect between their personal values and the values of their workplace. Identifying and understanding our work values can be a helpful tool in making career decisions, setting professional goals, and finding fulfillment in our work. By aligning our work with our values, we can create a sense of purpose and meaning in our careers and achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and happiness. You’d rather be in an organization that is aligned with your values!
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