Startup Mindset

What is a startup mindset? Is a startup right for me? Discover your startup mindset using our free startup personality test.

Scientific assessments, with this one based on the Big Five model.

This startup personality test is grounded on scientific tools used for assessing work attitudes and work environment preferences.


Gyfted’s free online startup personality quiz provides you with insights into what kind of work environment suits you best and to what degree you possess startup mindset traits, that are conducive to job satisfaction working at startups. You will be able to better understand whether you prefer highly structured or unstructured jobs.

Why is this of value to me?

Working for a startup has its pros and cons and can suit different types of personalities and preferences. This company personality test can give you a signal whether startups could be “your thing” as an ideal place to work and the right one for you to achieve your top performance and stay inspired. Having knowledge and understanding of your startup mindset - as long as you’re not deceiving yourself - can also boost your personal and professional growth. Fee free to share it with friends and colleagues at your startup or corporate and other organizations.

How you can use this test?

Ways you can use your free online startup mindset assessment results:
Get instant feedback on whether a corporate job is right for you based on your answers
Become more aware of whether working at a startup or a big company fits your personality best
Share your startup personality test results with other people and see how you compare

How it works?

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      Frequently asked questions

      How to find out whether you should work for startup or a corporation?

      There are a couple of different ways of identifying the environment you work best in. The best personality test is based on the Big Five (Ocean) Model for identifying personality traits. This assessment can help you find out what your desired work environment could be, whether you should work for a startup or thrive in corporate hierarchical culture, and help you become more certain about what kind of company you want to work for.

      What is the difference between a structured and unstructured work environment

      A structured work environment is most common in large organizations that follow a well-established systematic work pattern with specific tasks in a certain order that have to be completed in a fixed time. In structured work environments employees can expect consistent feedback from management and such kinds of environments are generally most common.
      An unstructured work environment is common in dynamic organizations and start-ups. Working in such an environment usually involves tasks like delegating and taking ownership, responding flexibly to changing circumstances, handling uncertainty well, working independently, and multi-tasking, which requires a lot more adaptability and decision-making.

      What is startup culture?

      A startup culture is an unstructured, fluid work environment that most often values creative problem solving, open communication, and a flat hierarchy. Advantages of working at a startup include flexible work hours, steep learning curves and much independence. Early on entrepreneurial attitudes and personalities thrive well at startups. Drawbacks include less stability due to new organizations not always succeeding, longer work hours, and higher stress levels.

      What is a corporate job?

      A corporate job usually has a structured work environment where the employer is a large enterprise with a multi-level management structure. In a corporate culture, core values are typically informed by the identity of the company, hierarchy and processes, as well as many resources.

      What skills are needed to work in a startup?

      Skills that startups and large companies look for in employees vary. Skills needed to work in a startup usually include:
      - Bias to action which means favoring action over inaction
      - Curiosity which implies novelty-seeking and being open to experience and knowledge
      - Collaborative mindset, teamwork skills
      - Innovativeness which implies coming up with fresh ideas, solutions, and inventions
      - Risk-taking means being ready to make decisions while facing uncertainty
      - Adaptability means ease while working in a constantly changing environment
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