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Culture Fit Test

The Culture Fit Test is a powerful tool that measures how well a potential employee's values, behaviors, and personality align with a company's culture and mission.

Culture Add Test

The Culture Add Test is a pre-employment assessment tool designed to help organizations streamline their recruitment processes by identifying candidates who fit in with their company culture. This automated tool cuts down on the time and costs associated with recruitment, by helping to identify candidates who are a good fit for the organization before they even get to the interview stage. With the Culture Add Test, organizations can be sure they are bringing on employees who will be a good fit for their company culture, and who will help to build a strong and cohesive team.
Using the Culture Add Test can help organizations save time and improve the quality of their hires. The test is designed to assess a range of factors related to culture fit, including personality traits, work styles, and communication skills. By identifying candidates who are a good fit for the organization, companies can reduce turnover, improve employee engagement, and build a stronger team. With automated pre-employment assessment tools like the Culture Add Test, companies can streamline their recruitment processes, and focus on finding the best candidates for their team.

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Hire faster using Gyfted's Cultural Fit Assessment

In today's competitive job market, companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their recruitment process and hire the best candidates quickly. One of the biggest challenges in recruitment is identifying candidates who not only have the right skills and experience but who will also fit into the company's culture. That's where Gyfted's Cultural Fit Assessment comes in. Designed to help companies find the right cultural fit for their team, this assessment evaluates a candidate's values, working style, and personality traits to determine if they align with the company's culture. By using this tool, recruiters can quickly identify candidates who are a good fit for the team, saving time and resources in the hiring process. The Gyfted Cultural Fit Assessment is a powerful tool that can help companies make better hiring decisions. By assessing a candidate's cultural fit, companies can reduce turnover rates and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. A strong cultural fit leads to better collaboration, improved communication, and an overall happier and more productive team. With the help of Gyfted's Cultural Fit Assessment, companies can hire faster and more effectively, ensuring they find the right candidate for the job and the team.

How Gyfted’s applicant screening process works

Gyfted combines cultural fit assessments with candidate soft skills and ability testing to give you the best solution to hire for culture fit and for potential.
You create a role that you want to hire for by giving us just the basics that matter, and your character plus culture fit preferences in a short assessment designed for hiring managers.
Upon creating the role you get a unique link. Assessment takers get two or more assessments to fill out through one unique link that you share with them.
Users are asked to select behaviors and preference statements that are most like them. Statements and words are associated with personality traits, values and dimensions relevant for workplace behavior.
Ability or data analytics tests (if included) help us determine the overall fit of applicants. In order to protect candidate privacy we do not show the results of these specific tests.
High quality data helps us inform metrics that improve your decision-making while cutting down on your unconscious and conscious biases.
You can easily improve your HR selection strategies using our assessment platform that easily integrates with your ATS.

Cultural Fit Assessment

The Cultural Fit Assessment is an invaluable tool for organizations in many industries, including tech and recruitment. This test allows employers to evaluate how well a candidate will fit within the company culture and work environment. A well-matched employee is much more likely to be satisfied in their role, leading to increased productivity and lower turnover rates. Additionally, a good cultural fit can lead to better collaboration and teamwork amongst employees, which can boost overall performance and success for the company. Using a Cultural Fit Assessment can also help to mitigate potential conflicts and misunderstandings that may arise from cultural differences between team members. Overall, investing in a Cultural Fit Assessment can lead to a more harmonious and successful work environment for all involved.

Better than the Indeed Cultural Fit Assessment

In today's competitive job market, finding the right candidate for your organization goes beyond assessing their technical skills and work experience. Cultural fit is a crucial factor that can make or break an employee's success in your company. But relying solely on traditional methods like the Indeed Cultural Fit Assessment may not be enough to accurately gauge a candidate's suitability. That's where Gyfted comes in. Our innovative approach to hiring combines cultural fit assessments with candidate soft skills and ability testing, giving you a comprehensive solution that focuses on both potential and culture fit. With Gyfted, you can rest assured that you're making the right hiring decisions for your organization, every time.


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Culture Fit Test

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Frequently asked questions

How can I use Gyfted's Culture Fit Test to screen candidates?

Using Gyfted's Culture Fit Test to screen candidates can help you ensure that you are hiring individuals who will thrive in your company's culture. The Culture Fit Test combines assessments of personality traits, values, and dimensions that are relevant to workplace behavior with soft skills and ability testing. This comprehensive approach helps you to identify candidates who not only have the right skills but also the right mindset to succeed in your company. To use the Culture Fit Test, you start by creating a role that you want to hire for and specifying your character and culture fit preferences. You can then share a unique link with candidates, which they can use to take two or more assessments. During these assessments, candidates are asked to select behaviors and preference statements that are most like them. The results of these assessments are used to help determine the overall fit of applicants. In addition to the Culture Fit Test, Gyfted may also include ability or data analytics tests to help further assess candidates. However, to protect candidate privacy, these specific test results are not shared with hiring managers. Using Gyfted's assessment platform can help you improve your HR selection strategies by providing high-quality data that helps inform metrics and reduce unconscious and conscious biases. The platform is also designed to easily integrate with your ATS, making it easy to use as part of your existing hiring process.

How much does the Culture Add Test cost?

At Gyfted, we do not charge per test or per candidate for the Culture Add Test. Instead, we offer software access to enable recruiters to do their job well. For more information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page at https://www.gyfted.me/business/pricing. Our pricing model is designed to provide recruiters with flexibility and cost-effectiveness while ensuring that they have the tools they need to make informed hiring decisions. So, while we don't charge for the Culture Add Test specifically, our software access fees cover all the features including the Culture Add Test. You can contact us if you need more information on our pricing policy.
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