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Personality Type Tinder Test

Take our Tinder personality types test, add your type to your Tinder profile, compare to others on the dating app, and swipe away ;)

What are the Tinder personality types?

The Tinder personality types displayed on user profiles and used for matching in the app are based on the Jungian archetypes and MBTI Myers-Briggs personality model. The personality type on tinder meaning is all about the 16 personality archetypes aka. 16 personalities. Read more below to find detailed insights on these 16 personality types.


Decode personality types to decide whether to swipe right. Above all, you gain self-awareness and figure out your personality type that you can add to your profile under Settings. Adding your personality type can increase your chances of getting matched with others for a date, that might have a higher chance of becoming a fulfilling, lasting relationship.

Tinder Personality Types and Best Matches

Wondering when to swipe right? Take our free test and learn what personality types could fit you!
Here are some insights on Myers-Briggs personality types and their interactions on Tinder:
1. ISTJ: The Logistician - Detail-oriented, organized, serious, and loyal in relationships. They have a clear list of deal-breakers and requirements for potential romantic partners. Best matches: ESTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ.
2. ISFJ: The Defender - Has a strong sense of obligation, duty, and responsibility. They are practical, reliable, and sensitive people who enjoy taking care of others. Best matches: ISTJ, ESTJ, ESFJ.
3. INFJ: The Counselor - Compassionate, hardworking, conscientious, idealistic, imaginative, sensitive, and empathetic. They are idealistic, future-oriented individuals who search for a deeper meaning and purpose in life. Best matches: INFP, ENFP, ENFJ.
4. INTJ: The Architect - Analytical, independent, driven, and logical. They are self-sufficient, reserved, and analytical people who see life through the lens of logic. Best matches: ENFP, ENTP.
5. ISTP: The Crafter - Independent, adventure-seeking, and fearless. They’re practical and adaptable. They are independent, observant, and practical people. Best matches: ESTJ, ESFJ.
6. ISFP: The Artist - Friendly, sensitive, and quiet. They cooperate well with other people and are caring. They are gentle, quiet, sensitive, and often blessed with creative talents. Best matches: ENFJ, ESTJ, ESFJ.
7. INFP: The Mediator - Loyal and idealistic, with strong morals and values. They are imaginative, insightful, and caring. They are sensitive and individualistic people who value authenticity. Best matches: ENFJ, ENTJ.
8. INTP: The Thinker - Analytical and a great problem-solver. They’re independent, logical, and value their autonomy. They are logical, objective, and inventive people. Best match: ENTJ.
9. ESTP: The Persuader - Sophisticated, pragmatic, and action-oriented. They’re outgoing and enthusiastic. They are dynamic and spontaneous, energetic people. Best matches: ISTP, ESTP, ESTJ, ENTP.
10. ESFP: The Entertainer - Friendly, impulsive, and outgoing. They’re cooperative and tolerant. They are easy-going, spirited individuals who love meeting new people. Best matches: ISTJ, ISFJ.
11. ENFP: The Champion - Enthusiastic, supportive, and energetic. They’re friendly and outgoing. They are open-minded, energetic people who have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Best matches: INFJ, INTJ.
12. ENTP: The Debater - Outspoken, lively, innovative, and full of ideas. They’re enthusiastic and imaginative. They are quick-witted, charming, and outgoing people. Best matches: INFJ, INTJ.
13. ESTJ: The Director - Organized, practical, assertive, and responsible. They’re competent, efficient, and decisive. They are assertive, pragmatic, and goal-oriented individuals. Best matches: ISFP, ISTP.
14. ESFJ: The Caregiver - Caring, helpful, and full of warmth. They’re outgoing, organized, and loyal. They are warm and outgoing people with a strong sense of responsibility. Best matches: ISFP, ISTP.
15. ENFJ: The Protagonist - Aware of other people’s emotions and are friendly and loyal. They’re enthusiastic and supportive. They are charismatic and empathetic natural-born leaders. Best matches: INFP, ISFP.
16. ENTJ: The Commander - A planner who appreciates structure and likes to be in charge. They’re confident and direct. They are confident, strategic, and ambitious go-getters with natural leadership abilities. Best matches: INFP, INTP.

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Scientific and Empirical Foundations

Jungian and MBTI personality type combinations

Each dichotomy has two options, and when combined, they create 16 unique personality types. These types are determined by four different dichotomies: extraversion vs. introversion (E/I), sensing vs. intuition (S/N), thinking vs. feeling (T/F), and judging vs. perceiving (J/P).
The Inspector
The Protector
The Counselor
The Mastermind
The Craftsman
The Composer
The Healer
The Architect
The Dynamo
The Performer
The Champion
The Visionaryr
The Supervisor
The Provider
The Teacher
The Commander

Tinder Personality Test

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        Frequently asked questions

        How to get more likes on tinder?

        How many likes do you get on tinder can help you get more matches. Here are some tips to get more likes on Tinder:
        1. Complete Your Profile: Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. This includes filling out all sections and regularly updating your photos and bio.
        2. Use High-Quality Photos: Your photos should be recent and of high quality. Avoid blurry or poorly lit photos. Your profile picture is the first thing that potential matches see, so make it count.
        3. Avoid Group Photos: It can be confusing if your profile is filled with group photos. Make sure you have clear individual photos that show off your personality.
        4. Show, Don't Tell: Show off your personality and interests through your photos and bio. Instead of saying you love to travel, include a photo of you on a trip.
        5. Be Active: Regularly use the app and engage with it. This includes swiping and messaging.
        6. Be Selective: Don't just swipe right on everyone. Be selective in your approach to show that you're genuinely interested in finding a match.
        7. Link Your Social Media Accounts: This can give potential matches more insight into your life and interests.
        8. Be Open-Minded with Your Match Filters: Don't limit yourself too much with your match filters. Being open to different types of people can increase your chances of getting more likes.
        9. Use a Simple Bio: A few words that truly represent who you are can be more effective than a long, detailed bio.
        10. Smile in Your Photos: This can make you seem more approachable and friendly.
        11. Highlight Your Best Features: Show off what makes you unique and interesting.
        12. Get Feedback: Ask friends for feedback on your profile to see what works and what doesn't.

        How to add personality type on tinder?

        To add your personality type on Tinder, follow these steps:
        1. Open your Tinder app and select "Edit Profile."
        2. Scroll to the "Basic" section and select "Personality Type."
        3. Choose your Myers-Briggs personality type from the options listed.
        4. Click "Done" to save your changes.
        That's all! Now your type will be displayed on your Tinder profile.

        How to unmatch on tinder?

        To unmatch someone on Tinder, follow these steps:
        1. Open your chat with the person you want to unmatch.
        2. Tap the flag icon (if you're using iOS) or the ellipses icon (if you're using Android) in the top right-hand corner.
        3. Select "Unmatch."
        When you unmatch someone, they'll disappear from your match list, and you'll disappear from theirs.