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We help candidates discover hybrid and remote job opportunities with great companies. We help managers and recruiters build strong teams by hiring for culture fit and matching talent.

Curated hybrid and remote jobs from amazing companies

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Discover remote jobs

Use our job database and career development software to get matched to jobs in tech that you'll enjoy, and to teams that share your values.
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Understand yourself

Discover your personality type using our free assessments and get immediate feedback that you can share with anyone.
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Build your personal CV

Highlight your competencies better and create your resume using our free career search tools. Display your culture fit and make your application stand out among recruiters.
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Candidate testimonials 🥰

Great stuff! It was a pleasure to be matched by Gyfted. I enjoyed the process and experience including liasing with Gyfted’s Talent Partner.
UX/UI Designer hired at high growth VR furniture design startup
This was a really fast, unstressful and professional recruitment process - I wholeheartedly confirm as a recruiter myself :)
Sr IT Recruiter hired at fast growing big data infrastructure startup
I loved how smooth and simple the experience of applying was. And the typo in “I don’t care about making mistkes” was brilliant and funny lol!
Coding Bootcamp grad
Thanks for helping me find a job! I enjoyed the interactive assessment process and fast scheduling of interviews.
Business Development Manager hired at AI NLP startup
The recruitment process through Gyfted was transparent and efficient. I am very satisfied!
Market Analyst at leading global financial institution

Job Matching that works

Apply once, get many matches
Tell us what you like, take assessments and apply, save, or skip any role. Your job matches improve as you use Gyfted.
Double your chances per job
You can apply directly as well as via Gyfted. This doubles your application and chance to get hired.
Find your dream job
Stop the endless scrolling to get in front of roles that fit you, and have recruiters apply to you!

Take 1 interview to get matched with 1000 companies

Explore job opportunities

Opportunities for graduates
Discover and get matched to internships and full-time opportunities.
Jobs for bootcamp students
Discover and get matched to internships and full-time opportunities.
Remote job opportunities
Land remote opportunities in the US and Europe based on your preferences.

Recruitment tools for recruiters & managers

Solve your recruiting pains and save time using our talent matching solution. Match business, remote and IT talent to your needs. Use our recruitment tools to find talent by accessing pre-screened tech and sales candidates in any talent pool.

Source talent

Sourcing talent
An inverse job board with on demand recruiter services and RPO. Easy candidate sourcing to save you time.

Match talent

Candidate screening
Hire for team culture fit, skill fit and role fit using behavioral science powered hiring assessments.

Measure team culture

Measure team culture
Free team culture assessment tools focused on work values and working style preferences.

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