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Why? Despite little job-specific experience, companies that hire bootcamp grads know that Bootcamp students’ mindset, drive and potential make them outstanding early hires. Many value their earlier career and transferable skills too.

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How you can land your dream job using our tools
Get matched to projects, internships, jobs and teams that fit you. “Fit” matters, as data shows that lack of fit is the key reason why people leave companies early.
How does Gyfted’s integrated hiring funnel help you land your dream job? First, we leverage your profile to help place you in roles that fit you. Second, it gives you specific feedback after each step to help you. Third, our tools are useful for self-development and personal growth to help you discover yourself.

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Data Science and Data Analytics

If you’re passionate about data we’ll try to help you land data scientist entry level jobs, remote data science and data analytics roles, including data analytics internships.


Entry level jobs in cyber security are on the rise. Go through our integrated application to get feedback and a change to get matched to roles that fit your cyber security software engineer work aspirations.

UX / UI and Web Design

Click here if you’re on a search for graphic designer internships for UI, UX and web design bootcamp students, as well as remote graphic design and UX/UI designer entry level jobs.

Digital Marketing

Click here if you’re prepping for entry level roles as SEO specialist, growth marketer, social media manager, or marketing analyst and we’ll try to match you up with the right internship and job opportunities.

Coding and Web Development

Looking for post-coding bootcamp entry level jobs? Get matched to remote software engineering internships, part time coding jobs and roles ;ole: web developer, front end developer, QA engineer, or mobile developer.


Graduated with a different bootcamp certificate? Click here to let us know and provide more details below.
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Frequently asked questions

What is culture fit?

Getting matched to the right team along culture fit matters both for you and the hiring team. When working in groups what matters are team member attitudes, values and working styles that impact collaboration and team performance. Check out our blog on this topic.

How to find a dream job?

Read our blogpost that touches on this. Moreover, besides personality tools we use a variety of cognitive, skill and occupational assessments and surveys. Go through our integrated hiring funnel and get personal and career-relevant feedback using our assessments.

What career fits my personality?

Data shows that personality is almost as important for professional success as abilities. Personality tests help you determine what could suit you. Go through our personality assessments to find out more about yourself - this will help you get informed about what careers could suit you. Click here to jump into our personality test.

What jobs can I get after a coding bootcamp?

Here are typical post-software engineering Bootcamp jobs: junior front end engineer, web developer, mobile developer, back-end engineer, QA engineer, junior back end engineer.
We’re building tools based on psychometrics and data to empower teams and individuals with insights into personality, abilities, preferences and motivations.
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