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Talent Matching Platform

Gyfted's talent matching platform focuses on individual contributor jobs in sales, customer success, recruiting, data analytics and software engineering. An open candidate database for recruitment for anyone. Our recruiting service will help you acquire talent faster.
Candidates that fit you

Speed and ease of use

We ensure a seamless experience and fast time to hire of qualified, pre-vetted candidates. Easy to use filters. Relevant data and metrics. Objective selection.

Free candidate database

Our candidate database is freely searchable. You can easily manage candidates on shortlists and reach out the ones that are interested in your role and company.

Candidates that fit you

Hire for both role fit, skills fit, culture fit and diversity all at once. Our rankings and filters help you find pre-vetted candidates. Easily save time on your candidate search.
Pricing options

Online recruitment platform benefits

Save time on sourcing and screening interviews
Free global candidate database
Optimize your recruitment process
Hire for candidate culture fit and role fit
Get fewer mishires and lower your turnover
Improve your talent funnel and choose the right candidate for a job

Database for Recruiting

Remote talent acquisition software built on top of the most powerful database for recruiting ever designed. We remove bias by combining anonymous search and blind talent acquisition on our seamless online recruitment platform. A SaaS recruiting solution to power all of your screening and talent sourcing needs.

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Talent Sourcing Features

Candidate search that fits you

Just create your unique role and provide us the very basics. You know best what kind of person you want to hire. We need at least one skill, a few soft skills, behavioral and attitude preferences. Moreover, we cut down on your unconscious biases and empower diversity through objective selection via our anonymous job search function.

Hire for culture fit and skills fit

Culture fit matters if you want to retain people and build high-performance teams, because culture eats strategy for breakfast. For instance, hiring for a ‘startup mindset’ matters a lot for startups founders. We use self-report, cultural and motivational assessments to figure out who fits you best.

RPO as a Service

Do you lack recruiting capacity? Outsource your recruiting process to Gyfted’s Talent Partners. Under the RPO subscription we do all the sourcing and screening for you. We deliver quality candidates fast, at much lower fees compared to traditional recruitment agencies.

Easy to use filters

Filter by skills, salary, industry background, location, remote time-zone, language and work eligibility. Save time contacting candidates that do not meet your requirements. Filtering is about speed and accuracy at the same time, so you waste less time talking to candidates that are not a fit due to your hard criteria or budget.

Pre-vetted candidate database that’s free

Use our database as easily as you use a dating app or an e-commerce platform, to discover candidates that fit your job specs. We measure attitudes, behaviors, abilities and preferences using assessments. Save time getting matched around what really matters, lower your time to hire, and improve your qualified candidate pipeline.

Structured screening interviews on-demand

Gyfted can take much off your plate. We offer on-demand screening interviews with experienced Talent Partners who ensure candidates precisely fit your needs and job description. This is a premium service to help busy hiring managers save significant time.

ATS and Slack integrations

We offer the following applicant tracking system integrations as standard ATS integrations to improve your recruitment flow: Lever, Greenhouse, TeamTailor and Ashby, as well as Slack smoothen our communications with you.
Candidate search that fits you

We’re aligned with your incentives around hiring the right person for your role and team

Sourcing in Recruiting & Talent is harder in the emerging workplace models of remote work, work from home and hybrid work. Talent recruiting is more challenging than ever due to worsening demographics, the needs for reskilling, elevated job-seeker expectations and the Great Resignation. Stop your legacy HRtech software headaches and save time by using Gyfted.

Recruitment outsourcing services

Gyfted offers a tech-enabled, tailored RPO service to meet your goals and streamline your recruiting process to save you time, while sourcing talent that fits you. Tech talent headhunting should be easier and more precise.
Source candidates based on your real preferences and without bias, to lower turnover and build high-performance teams.
Hiring for culture fit, skills fit, as well as diversity is easier with Gyfted. We vet for overall person-job fit plus abilities to help you save time.
Adopt to challenges coming from remote, hybrid, WFH, and the Great Resignation. Improve your talent acquisition strategy and hire Gen Z for potential.

Remote recruitment

We're the candidate sourcing company capable of outsourcing your hiring process at the top of your hiring funnel. We enable tech sector talent acquisition to companies in North America and Europe with remote talent across time-zones that meets your team's needs. Whether you work async or flexibly within a certain time-zone, we automatically match candidates to your remote work style, while hiring for culture fit.

Get motivated, high potential candidates

Discover hidden talent, remote or local
Predict growth potential and performance easily and beyond CVs or vanilla skills tests.
Eliminate unnecessary screening calls
We scan applicants for you. Our science-based signals bring forth candidates who ‘fit’ both your team and role.
Get quantified references early on
Get measurable, comparable references from candidates before you make an offer.

Leverage psychometrics to build teams that perform

A tool for managers to build high-performing teams that drive your company's culture growth. As culture is not only about top-down behaviors but team values, it means that who your hire and fire determines your company culture. To know it you have to 'look under the hood' and the most data-driven, empirically proven way to do it and measure culture is through the use of psychometrics. We catalyze this using machine learning in psychometrics, and by deploying online assessment tools for recruitment on top of your team culture assessments, in order to help you build and develop your team.

Frequently asked questions

What is sourcing in recruitment?

Sourcing is the process of inbound and outbound activity that gets you candidates for open roles. It's as simple as this, but this has become extremely hard due to the internet - the scale of 'access' to talent grew exponentially in the 1990s. Today, with the world globalized and post-COVID remote work and hybrid work proliferating, especially in the tech, creative and information-intensive industries, the scale of access to talent that is globally distributed is bigger than ever. This creates significant screening issues for your and your business, due to scale problems, but also due to increasing competition for talent - more choice for both companies and candidates. Moreover, cross-border recruiting increases the complexity of this all.

What is the importance of hiring for lower turnover?

Turnover is extremely costly, and is the result of three mistakes companies make. Above all, it is due to poor recruitment practices. Second, it's due to weak candidate onboarding. Third, it's due to weak cultures (due to weak leadership), and above all due to bad managers. There's another reason this happens, namely due to the function of the roles being recruited for, which requires data-driven selection to ease your decision-making and enable you to hire for volume. Business process outsourcing companies (BPOs), Shared service centers (SSCs), customer support and similar organizations face the challenges of higher turnover. This most often has to do with the fact that their jobs and job requirements are very routine. Routine work is rarely appreciated by most people, but certain personality types, with specific motivations and preferences, perform better in more routine jobs.

How does recruitment process outsourcing work?

There are different types of outsourcing in recruitment and recruitment process outsourcing works for many large businesses (especially Fortune 1000 companies and multinationals). Recruitment agencies and recruitment outsourcing agencies like Randstad, Manpower, Adecco, Robert Half, outstaffing agencies, contingent search services, body-leasing agencies and body-leasing platforms like TopTal, Andela, Turing, Terminal, Revolent and the like can be of help. The benefits of outsourcing recruitment are huge, especially when you need talent fast, but they are extremely expensive for most businesses. Moreover, they rarely know you and your needs intimately enough to deliver you talent that truly ""fits"" you, and they are most popular in blue collar staffing and recruitment. In the end this talent sourcing process still makes you end up resorting to unstructured interviewing processes (which is very ineffective) and psychometric assessments (which are very expensive for the majority of organizations to buy and use, and require prep), CV selection and 40+ hrs devoted to the recruitment process per role. Is recruitment expensive and time-consuming? Yes it is. And we're changing that.

Is Gyfted's talent sourcing platform free?

Candidate access and candidate matching is available for free on our service, however, each hire you make will cost you a success fee based on market competitive pricing. After all, we're a business that does the heavy lifting for you to deliver better candidates faster on a quality, seamless web service. 🥳
We do have free recruitment software though - try out our free candidate screening software - there is a free trial for you to try before you buy! 🎉
Check out our recruitment process outsourcing pricing information about the market, and our pricing page
, for more details.

How to do sourcing in recruitment effectively?

There are scores of sourcing tools and techniques out in the market to help you source talent. HRtech tools, Recruiting & Talent recruitment systems, and recruitment services can help you source candidates. Here's a brief overview of what you can use.
First off, there are job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and many similar ones, that are basically advertising exchanges where you pay for ads that get clicked on by applicants interested in your job (title). The problem is many people apply en masse in a spray and pray strategy for job titles they're interested in in the location and mode they want to work in. This makes screening, selection and matching hard for both sides. Job boards are the most accessible and popular way of sourcing applicants to your open roles. In remote there are job boards like RemoteOK, WeWorkRemotely, FlexJobs that are popular in tech.
Since LinkedIn is a global, open social network, it's very often used for direct search by almost all recruiters in the white collar, knowledge, professional and specialty jobs. The problem is message spam and misalignment (due to carelessness under time pressure) that leads to much noise, but it's still a fantastic professional social network for direct, outbound sourcing. If you have the time that is, and if you don't then you can hire in-house recruiters (that few companies can afford) who resort to manual talent acquisition work as the buffer between you and applicants, or you can resort to outside agencies and external freelance recruiters to help you out.
Or you can use Gyfted to save time. 😊
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