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Who we are

We’re an early-stage startup out of Stanford University building startup software to help job-seekers, students, and career changers with remote jobs and teams that fit not only based on their CV, experience, and skills, but also their personality - to make work even more enjoyable!
We’re excited about hiring for culture fit, culture add and diversity. Sourcing platforms for recruiters lack this human approach. Through design and data standards we’re enabling human-centered artificial intelligence to create better, data-driven and bias free recruiting tools to find candidates.

We’re tired with recruiting and we know it can be done better. We’re starting with juniors and tech.

Our story

Designed and built in California and Poland (but also: UK, Israel, Ukraine, New York, India, Hungary, Switzerland) during 2020-2021, we’re out to do some cool stuff in 2022.
First steps Dr Michal Kosinski and Robert Kowalski met at Stanford in 2015, where Michal was a post-doc at Stanford’s Computer Science Department working on content recommendation system algorithms and Robert was a student at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. They’re both Polish and clicked, including on the topic of labor markets. Adam Szefer joined them to venture into changing how recruiting happens.
Michał Michal has worked on psychometrics, job-person fit and organizational design for years - including testifying before the U.S. Senate Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on AI and Big Data in the Workplace. Since his PhD at Cambridge and work at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and Microsoft Research’s ML Group, he’s been discussing and planning how to reduce bias and streamline recruiting using behavioral design, psychometrics and artificial intelligence.
Adam Adam teamed up with Robert and Michal while he was at Bloomberg’s Application Services core IT team in London, working inter alia on distributed infrastructure, high-frequency data and platform stability. BAS is the backbone of Bloomberg, used a milllion times per second, underlying the world’s financial system. Adam’s worked on ML projects ealier in automotive industry and real estate.

Diverse technical talent to help you

Led by the world’s leading computational psychologist prof. Michal Kosinski at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, our talented team of psychometricians develops tools that work automatically and frictionlessly for you to aid your recruiting.
Using psychology, cognitive science, psychometrics, machine learning and smart design we strive to provide real human-centric AI in recruitment.
Meet our Team

Scientific tools, software and design to optimize recruiting

Sourcing platforms for recruiters are falling behind technology and the changing workplace landscape as remote work sets out to revolutionize not labor markets but the structure of local, regional economies and the world economy.
The psychometric and cognitive science solutions we provide for employers are quantifiable and contribute to better hiring outcomes and saved resources. Only solutions like this, combined with frictionless software experiences and machine learning, can aid the hiring of employees that fit into your culture.
Our assessments are unbiased, reliable and flexible. They’re built to adapt and evolve to meet market needs. We deliver valuable insights through cutting-edge, proprietary and validated psychometric tools for recruitment.Our assessments

Our Mission

Simplifying recruiting and job markets to make candidates and teams happy.

Why Gyfted?

We’re creating a remote-first web service for candidates and hiring managers powered by psychometrics, AI and behavior design.
Remote screening and sourcing
Automated job matching software for founders, managers, recruiters and candidates.
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Source hidden talent
Hire for abilities, motivation, growth potential and culture fit. Get talent that will stick with you for the long-run.
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Hire for cultural fit
Prepare your team and company for growth. Discover culture fit among candidates easily using Gyfted.
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Bias free recruiting
Mitigate bias to improve your hiring decisions. Insights with no data on gender, age, race.
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