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Values and Beliefs that drive us

Almost all the problems in hiring rest with organizations and recruiting processes, not candidates.
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Take 1 interview
for 1000 organizations
instead of 50 interviews
at 10 organizations.

We envision a world where labor markets can function under a different paradigm, where recruiting is unbiased, meritocratic, instantaneous and based on best hiring practices and quality recruitment services.
Remote work will bring us closer to this. But we need technology, science and design to change recruitment and talent acquisition.

Are job market players aligned with your incentives?

Job boards are advertising exchanges - buy job ads in volume
Job descriptions are full of PR and marketing - attract more applicants.
Assessment providers are test factories - sell tests in volume to corporates, leaving startups behind

What’s tough with recruiting?

CVs are not enough, especially at entry-level
Legacy HRTech and HCM apps with “keyword idiocy filters” and “powerpoint AI”
In-house recruiting is a
bias and risk management machine - a “beauty pageant”
Screening interviews done per every company - why, when they’re repeatable?

Our Mission

Simplifying recruiting and job markets to make candidates and teams happy.

Online recruitment software solutions can be better

We use technology and human measures to create a new, better way for anyone to get hired.
We believe in remote work in tech talent recruiting, or in fact most recruiting.
Culture fit assessment tools are valuable overall, and especially so in sectors like tech, creative and knowledge industries, and entertainment.
Online recruitment software has been falling behind because it has not followed system design and counterintuitive behavior design best practices.
Psychometric instruments are essential in order to enable fair and unbiased recruitment process with an emphasis on personality fit.

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