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People First

We believe in putting people first and creating great working environments.We’re an early-stage distributed team of 19, located in California, London and Warsaw. The founders include a Stanford alumnus, a Stanford University Professor, and a Bloomberg technologist, combining experience in occupational assessment, HR, machine learning, and growth & technology in both startups & big tech, with extensive networks in Silicon Valley & the UK.

Culture eats
for breakfast

We’re a team made up of individuals, several with unconventional career paths: bootcamps, self-taught developers, military, academia, mental health care, public policy, business, technology, architecture, even acting and film!
We come to work and bring our best, we strive to move fast and thoughtfully. We make work something to be enjoyed. We know that diversity and inclusion matter, but we also know that ultimately it is diversity of thought and backgrounds that breeds unbridled innovation and performance. And despite our differences throughout, we have common core values.

Our values

We value honesty, openness, accountablility, and straightforward communication.
We are all owners of our product, and identify ourselves with what we’re building.
We use a user-centered approach when building Gyfted product following best design practices.
We follow a data-driven approach and we are aware of the risks related to operating on big data.
Customer Love
We care about our customers’ feedback, thus building the product people will love to use.
Protecting our users identity is yet another of our core values. We will always stand on their side!

Our Team

We specialize in software engineering, data science, psychometrics, psychology, AI, cognitive science, machine learning, online assessment tools for recruitment, neuroscience, product design, public policy, recruiting, digital footprints, big data, organizational design, behavior design, economics.
Adam Szefer
Co-founder, Senior Software Engineer
Computer Science, King's College London
Software engineer with an ownership and entrepreneurial mindset. Plays piano and saxophone. Used to be a professional runner (4th place in Poland). Executed multiple business ideas applying ML in real estate and transportation. He is a former Financial Software Developer @ Bloomberg’s BAS Infrastructure & FX teams. Graduated from King’s College London, wrote a graduation thesis on ML-based Lane Merge Coordination Model for connected vehicles with the use of 5th Generation Mobile Network.
Alina Oshyna
Senior Psychometrician @ PsyTech Labs
Psychology & Statistics, Dnepropetrovsk National University
Alina has great experience in the assessments industry. She studied Psychology at Oles Honchar National University and Social Sciences at the Bar-Ilan University in Israel. She has 5 kids, an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about revision and innovation in psychometrics.
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
Błażej leads our psychometrics work and is a Lecturer at SWPS in stats, math and psychometrics. He also runs the experimental research lab at SWPS, has a rich background in psychological research in academia and with private companies, also around experience design and data visualization. Avid marathon runner!
Kacper Lubiszewski
Software Developer
Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology
Engineering student at the Warsaw University of Technology (PW). Worked with Flower Co (YC) startup in SV and on freelance projects. He loves creating complex backend software suited for rapidly changing environments. He hopes to create a channel with educational content suited for NodeJS beginners sometime in the future.
Senior Software Developer
Psychology, SWPS
A self-taught front-end developer and social psychologist who studied at SWPS. Mariusz is our first employee at Gyfted and has held out with us through this early ride (!), and is an avid wine connoisseur and proud new dad!
Marta Kaczyńska
Marta Kaczyńska
Talent Operations Partner
Photography, EAF
Passionate freelance photographer with significant Recruiting & Talent, Assistant and Office Manager experience, in the past in Poland and Ireland with companies small and large. She loves to travel, winter sports and long walks with her cute dog Dalmatian. Happy mother of two.
Robert Kowalski
MBA, Stanford GSB
A mission-driven, creative, rebellious optimist with experience in pre-seed to growth startup in Silicon Valley, finance and policy. Grew enterprise sales at OpenGov, built the EU’s first p2p election matching app over a decade ago, worked on labor, tax and R&D reforms for the former President of Poland. He’s also worked on and is passionate about bitcoin. Stanford GSB and London School of Economics graduate.


Current and past advisers to our company
Michal Kosinski
Adviser @ Stanford GSB
Psychometrics PhD, Cambridge
Michal is a world leading computational psychologist and specializes in analyzing job-person fit personality traits for job performance, preferences, organizational behavior - basically measuring humans using cutting-edge computational methods and AI. Former Deputy Director at the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, Researcher at Microsoft’s ML Group, Postdoc at Stanford’s Computer Science Department. Cambridge PhD, SWPS. He has co-authored Modern Psychometrics, is among the Top 1% of the Highly Cited Researchers. He was behind the first article warning against Cambridge Analytica, which you can learn more in Steven Levy's book Facebook: The Inside Story, and has been featured in documentaries alongside Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs and scientists.
Designer @ ex-Stella AI
Human Computer Interaction, Stanford
Matt Drela
Matt Drela
Marketer @ LSE
BSc, ex-CodeWise GM
Peter Strupp
Peter Strupp
Serial Founder @ ex-Randstad CEO
MBA, Harvard Business School


Current & past experts (alumni)
Ada Lemka
Ada Lemka
UX/UI Designer
Architecture, Gdańsk University of Technology
An architect with years in concept & construction design and interior design experience. She studied Architecture at the Lublin University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology and VIA University College in Denmark. Self-taught passionate UX/UI Designer who loves traveling, plants, people and good coffee!
Aleksandra Przegendza
Aleksandra Przegendza
UX/UI Designer
Music, SWPS
UX design and Product Design student at SWPS with a background in desktop publishing. She’s also got a degree from Wrocław University in Communication Design, Cultural Anthropology, and Musicology. She is always looking for something new and willing to explore and learn unfamiliar and different things. Ola is passionate about contemporary music, opera and rope skipping.
Kamil Sieniawski
Kamil Sieniawski
Senior Software Engineer
Computer Science, Poznań University of Technology
Kamil is a full-stack/back end developer with cool experiences in developing microservices, distributed computing, GCP and Typescript. Kamil got his CS degree from the Poznan University of Technology.
Olena Nikolenko
Cognitive Scientist @ Samsung
Cognitive Science, University of Warsaw
Postgraduate student in Data Visualization at the Warsaw University of Technology and MSc in Cognitive Science at the University of Warsaw. While working as Laboratory Assistant in the Polish Academy of Science, Olena has been into neuroscience and cognitive functions research, and now decided to switch to a more technical role. Big fan of statistics and Nassim Nicolas Taleb.
Jan Jastrzębski
Cognitive Scientist @ Jagiellonian University
Cognitive Science PhD, Jagiellonian University
Psychometrician mainly focused on cognitive assessments. He got his PhD in Psychology at Jagiellonian University, where he conducts research in cognitive psychology, currently trying to train people's intelligence. PhD from Uniwersytet Jagielloński.
Magda Zena
Senior Psychometrician @ Spark Wave
Psychology & Mathematics PhD, SWPS
She has experience in research and psychometrics with startups and enterprises in academic, media, business and clinical environments. She’s worked for institutions like SWPS, University of Warsaw, Collegium Civitas, the London School of Economics, World Bank, Orange, McKinsey, BNP Paribas, Phillips, papers, radio and television. In her free time she plays the piano and dances. PhD from SWPS and LSE.
Maciej Stolarczyk
Maciej Stolarczyk
Senior IT Recruiter @ Infotree Global Solutions
Media, University of Westminister
Senior IT Recruiter and Actor/Filmmaker who has won several film awards. He studied Contemporary Media (first class) at University of Westminster and Acting in Machulski’s Acting School. Dog dad and cinephil.
Martyna Płomecka
Psychometrician @ ETH Zurich
PhD, University of Zurich
PhD student in Neuroscience & Psychology at ETH Zurich and did Applied Mathematics at the University of Warsaw. She’s done cool work as a Researcher in the Brain Imaging Lab at Nencki Institute, Instructor for Women in Big Data, and TA at ETH in Big Data Science in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, and worked in pharma research in Switzerland. Martyna’s really into big data and digital footprint analysis.
Piotr Gabryś
Piotr Gabryś
Data Engineer @ Snowflake
Information Systems, SGH Warsaw School of Economics
With a great wealth of experience with companies large and small - startups, in data-related roles, Piotrek leads our ML engineering with the psychometrics team and product engineering. He’s traveled South America, climbed some rocks, is passionate about books and ML. Proud dad of two great kids. Warsaw School of Economics in Quant Methods and in Data Engineering graduate.
Agnieszka Szefer
ML Engineer, Data Scientist @ Bain Capital Ventures
Computer Science, Imperial
Sandrine Muller
Quantitative UX Researcher @ Google
Psychometrics PhD, Cambridge
Klara Gawor
Cognitive Scientist @ KU Leuven
Bioinformatics PhD, KU Leuven
Boaz Sobrado
Data Scientist @ Capital
Statistics, Cambridge
Liwen Liu
Psychometrician @ Marriott International
PhD, University of Illinois
Qing Xie
Qing Xie
Psychometrician @ FDA
PhD, University of Iowa

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