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Screening and recruitment case study

Polaroid hires and screens engineers for startup culture fit via Gyfted


As a newly reestablished scale-up Polaroid sought to hire for startup culture fit for their new product engineering team. With Gyfted’s help they hired quickly for true fit and retention in a competitive market.

First candidates (batch of 2) presented within a week
Typical recruitment cycle: 1 month
Numbers of interviewed candidates per role: 8

Company description

Polaroid Company combines the nostalgia of instant photography with the possibilities of the digital age. Offering innovative instant cameras, film packs, and portable photo printers, they enable users to capture and print moments effortlessly. Additionally, their digital imaging solutions and online platforms provide seamless integration between physical and digital photography, allowing users to enhance and share memories with ease. The New Polaroid Company embraces the past while embracing the future, creating a vibrant community that celebrates the joy of capturing and preserving moments.


Currently, their headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have been supporting their hiring needs in the technical team, specifically for building mobile application teams as part of their rebranding and digitalization efforts. As Gyfted, we successfully sourced a top Android developer who was willing to relocate to Amsterdam. Our team demonstrated exceptional expertise and dedication in fulfilling the hiring needs of Polaroid. Leveraging our extensive network and implementing thorough screening processes, we identified a pool of highly qualified candidates for the technical team. Through effective communication and a deep understanding of the client's requirements, we skilfully presented the opportunity to a top Android developer, highlighting the unique advantages of joining, basically a startup, Polaroid Company in Amsterdam. Our diligent efforts, combined with our commitment to providing a seamless relocation experience, resulted in the successful recruitment of this talented developer, showcasing Gyfted's ability to connect exceptional talent with leading companies. Furthermore, Polaroid has leveraged our Screening Solution and Team Culture expertise to define their organizational culture and make hiring decisions based on potential and organizational fit. By utilizing our screening tools and methodologies, they have been able to identify candidates who align with their values and contribute to their unique company culture. This collaboration between Gyfted and Polaroid showcases the power of our screening solution in helping organizations shape their teams and make informed hiring choices.

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