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Startup talent sourcing case study

3D AI design leader Intiaro hired a CSM in under 3 weeks


The team at Intiaro used Gyfted to quickly recruit Customer Success, Design and Engineering talent that fits their team’s culture.

First candidates (batch of 3) presented within a week
Typical recruitment cycle: 2 months
Numbers of interviewed candidates per role: 25

Company description

Intiaro is a leading startup that specializes in augmented reality (AR) and 3D visualization solutions for the furniture industry based in North Carolina. With their innovative technology, Intiaro aims to revolutionize the way people shop for furniture and improve the overall customer experience. Through their advanced AR platform, Intiaro enables customers to visualize furniture products in their own space before making a purchase. By simply using a smartphone or tablet, users can virtually place and interact with furniture pieces, allowing them to see how they would look and fit in their home or office. This immersive experience provides customers with a realistic preview, eliminating the need for guesswork and reducing the risk of dissatisfaction with the final purchase. Intiaro also offers solutions for furniture manufacturers and retailers. Their comprehensive software allows businesses to digitize their product catalogs and create interactive 3D models that can be easily integrated into their websites or mobile applications. This not only enhances the online shopping experience, but also provides valuable data insights and analytics to optimize sales strategies. With a mission to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, Intiaro continues to push the boundaries of AR technology in the furniture industry. By delivering innovative solutions, they empower customers and businesses alike to make informed decisions and create personalized spaces that reflect their unique style and preferences.


At Gyfted, our mission was to assemble a group of exceptional individuals to join Intiaro team within just one year. And we're proud to say that we succeeded in recruiting over five amazing employees during this time! Our new hires span a range of roles, including Project Managers, PMO experts, Senior UX Designers, Customer Success Managers, DevOps specialists, and Frontend Engineers. Intiaro team structure primarily revolves around three divisions: Tech Division, Customer Success, and Project Management. With a total headcount of over 100 professionals, the majority of a team members are based in Poland. Throughout the recruitment process, we actively sought candidates for both remote and hybrid roles, with a special emphasis on candidates interested in working at Intiaro Warsaw office. Intiaro, operates primarily in the US market. As a mid-sized startup, they were seeking individuals who would thrive in this dynamic environment. Understanding their unique needs, we utilized our software to carefully screen over 500 candidates. Our aim was to present only the most suitable candidates who aligned with Intiaro's requirements, company culture, and specific role expectations. Throughout the process, our dedicated team collaborated closely with five Intiaro managers, ensuring that we consistently met their standards and exceeded their expectations. We valued this partnership and appreciated their valuable input. At Gyfted, we are passionate about building dream teams and connecting the right talent with the right organizations. By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we were able to identify and secure top-tier professionals who are now contributing their skills and expertise to Intiaro's growth and success.

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