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Enterprise screening case study

EPAM runs talent development worldwide using Gyfted


EPAM’s collaborated with Gyfted to deliver rapid screening solutions for talent development across the enterprise globally to facilitate seamless team development around cultural fit, in line with EPAM’s values.

Solutions: Screening Platform
Assessed individuals: 400+
Numbers of pilots: 4

Company description

EPAM is a renowned global software engineering and IT consulting Fortune 1000 enterprise that stands as a beacon of excellence in the technology services industry. As a Fortune 1000 company, EPAM boasts a rich legacy of collaborating with businesses to provide cutting-edge digital platforms and technological solutions. Their extensive portfolio demonstrates a deep commitment to fostering innovation, enhancing customer experiences, and delivering dynamic software products. Operating globally, EPAM leverages a rich talent pool to provide seamless and efficient solutions to its clients. Their constant endeavor to enhance internal talent development, internal learning, EPAM University and other programs signifies their commitment to fostering growth from within, nurturing high-performing individuals across various strata of the organization.


Gyfted has worked with EPAM on custom internal talent development and team development assessment solutions to cater to their growing, rapid growth needs and internal promotion of senior leadership, female high performers, general high performers, as well as promoting junior high performers into more senior roles. The tools are used by the Leadership Development, Talent Development, and Talent Acquisition tools across EMEA and APAC markets. Gyfted's expertise in talent assessment plays a crucial role in identifying and nurturing potential leaders, and high-performing individuals, thus ensuring a sustainable growth trajectory for the organization.The tools are used by the Leadership Development, Talent Development, and Talent Acquisition tools across EMEA and APAC markets. The collaboration has spanned various levels of talent within EPAM, from nurturing junior high performers and guiding them towards senior roles, to fostering female high performers and carving pathways for them to reach leadership positions. This initiative stands as a testimony to EPAM's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity within its ranks. Additionally, senior leadership development has been a prime focus, ensuring that the leadership echelons are fortified with individuals possessing the requisite skills and vision to steer the company towards greater heights.


Over the course of the cooperation, the initiatives have seen substantial success, with over 400 individuals being assessed and benefiting from the various programs in place. The collaboration witnessed the roll-out of 4 pilot programs, each focusing on different aspects of talent development. Gyfted's comprehensive solution portfolio tailored for EPAM encompasses several focal points: 1. High Performance (HiPo) program: initiatives in this sphere are geared towards identifying and nurturing individuals who demonstrate exceptional performance metrics. Through tailored programs, these high performers are groomed to take on roles of greater responsibility, thereby fostering a culture of excellence within EPAM. 2. Senior Leadership: recognizing the role of leadership in organizational growth, this initiative focuses on honing the skills of existing senior personnel and preparing them for challenges that lie ahead. By leveraging a combination of training modules and real-time project experiences, this solution aims to cultivate leaders who can steer EPAM to greater heights in the industry. 3. High Performance for Women: in a bid to foster gender equality and promoting diversity within the organization, this program is specifically designed to identify and nurture high-performing female professionals within EPAM. Through a combination of leadership training, mentorship, and networking opportunities, this initiative aims to create a cadre of female leaders ready to take on senior roles within the organization. 4. Juniors: acknowledging the potential that lies within its younger talent pool, this solution is crafted to nurture junior high performers and guide them towards fulfilling careers within EPAM. Through training programs and mentorship initiatives, junior professionals are provided with the tools and guidance necessary to excel in more senior roles over time.

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