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Senior Carbon & Sustainable Finance Expert at

Sweep is on the lookout for a Carbon and Sustainable Finance Expert to join their team. You'll be working with financial organizations, providing them with the tools to accurately measure their environmental impact, and plan their strategy for reducing emissions and addressing climate-related risks.
Full Time

✅ Pros

  • 🌍 You'll directly contribute to combating climate change
  • 🚀 You'll be part of an exciting young business with a mission to change the world
  • 👥 You'll work with a dynamic team of engineers, business minds, creatives and carbon experts

⛔ Cons

  • 🔬The role requires a deep understanding of the financial sector and sustainability frameworks
  • 📚 Staying up-to-date with ESG regulation and Climate disclosure standards can be challenging
  • 🕰 The role might demand extra hours due to the nature of the work

🔧 Skills

Experience in sustainable finance topics
Knowledge of ESG/sustainability frameworks and standards
Ability to analyze and interpret data
Excellent interpersonal skills
Self-motivated and autonomous
Quality consciousness
Skilled communicator and collaborator

🗣️ Impact

You'll play a crucial role in the transition to a green future by helping financial organizations invest in climate solutions and low-carbon industries. You'll also contribute towards creating a better future for everyone by managing the climate impact of these organizations.

👉 Responsibilities

  • Support customers in the deployment and adoption of Sweep
  • Help financial actors calculate and manage the carbon impact of their portfolios
  • Maintain strong customer relationships and collaborate with internal stakeholders
  • Suggest improvements to the software, from measurements and reduction initiatives to dashboard features and standard reporting requirements

🔍 Requirements

  • Master Degree
  • Two years of professional experience in sustainable finance consulting firms or similar
  • Fluency in English and French

✨ Benefits

  • Opportunity to grow with the company
  • Work-life balance with a fun and hard-working team
  • Contribute to a mission that benefits society and the planet
  • Potential for career progression

About Sweep

Sweep is a software company dedicated to helping businesses track and take action on their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and carbon emissions targets. With a mission to assist companies in becoming "Forever Companies" by meeting their climate goals, Sweep understands the challenges that businesses face in managing carbon emissions and complex data coordination. To address these challenges, Sweep has developed a platform that facilitates collaboration across teams and businesses. This platform makes it easy for businesses to manage data from various systems, staff, and suppliers, while also helping them measure, reduce, and comply with the latest reporting standards. Currently, Sweep manages 40 million tCO2e (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) on its platform and maintains a database of 30,000 emission factors. Sweep believes that carbon can be a force for innovation and sustainable growth. By using the Sweep platform, businesses can harness the power of carbon to drive creative solutions and contribute to a more sustainable future. The company works with leading companies worldwide and has a team dedicated to the success of its clients' climate targets. With staff on the ground in 12 countries and $100 million raised, Sweep is committed to expanding its platform and helping companies reduce their carbon footprint. With decades of experience in building business software and consulting large companies on carbon, Sweep's team is well-equipped to support clients' sustainability efforts. The company is B-Corp certified and an "entreprise à mission," ensuring that it stays on track with its mission. Sweep invites businesses to join them on their mission by signing up for The Cleanup, their monthly climate newsletter, and learning more about how Sweep can help their business become a Forever Company.

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