Full Stack Developer MERN&AI at
40K - 47K PLN / month
Kraków, Poland
Employment Contract
Job Summary:
Develop new principles; deals with problems that have limited or no precedent.
Our is tool used for estimating the cost of a contract based on the numbers/types/locations of resources, estimated expenditures, required margins. The current tool is an XLSX with all formulas and relationships defined across dozens of complex worksheets. The senior-level developer could accelerate the implementation of the hosted solution by: translating the XLSX formulas/tables and using GenAI to create the code required to implement the formulas in the required languages, including unit tests.support the development process by improving the frameworks, APIs, and best practices using their experience improving/tuning the code provided by the GenAI tooling.
The job is full remote in Poland.

You will use the current GenAI technologies to help accelerate and support multiple development efforts. The primary responsibilities of this role are:
  • You will report to regional director
  • Be able to propose and document architectural designs and approaches to meet the requirements provided by the partners.
  • Be the subject matter expert for GenAI usage and practices, identifying and recommending how GenAI can be used to accelerate and improve the development process for any given project/product.
  • Train the GenAI contexts for the given language and frameworks. You will engineer prompts to create code implementations for the given aspect or feature. You will use the expertise as a developer to assess the responses for technical accuracy, functional and syntactical correctness, performance, architecture. If the generated response is not adequate, the engineer will either refine the prompt(s) or adjust the generated code to meet the requirements.
  • For the generated code, you will also create the documentation and unit tests in the designated unit test framework. You can assess the unit tests for validity, coverage, & value, and be able to quickly implement additional tests that have been missed.
  • Be able to assist other projects and products in using GenAI and development best practices, increasing development velocity, and integrating GenAI capabilities into the tools, products, and solutions.
Candidate Profile:

  • +7 years as a MERN Engineer, working with React, Node.JS and Mongo
  • Experience with AI Technologies,
  • Must have experience working with Agile Methodologies
  • Having experience working on Architectural design and build architectures
  • Nice to have experience working with Java or Python or .NET
About company
As part of Concentrix Software Solutions, you have the opportunity to shape the technological future of the CX industry. Join a team that runs projects for the world's leading brands using the latest IT tools and is at the forefront of innovation.

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