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A Better Way to Design Workshops | SessionLab

SessionLab Careers
SessionLab is an online platform that assists workshop facilitators, trainers, and meeting organizers in planning, organizing, and delivering engaging workshops and training sessions. The platform provides users with a variety of resources, including workshop templates, training materials, and collaboration tools to ensure successful event execution. With a global user base of over 150,000, SessionLab enables organizations worldwide to plan and execute successful workshops and meetings.
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SessionLab Culture
SessionLab is a workshop and meeting planning tool. It fosters a culture of effective collaboration, facilitation, and remote work. SessionLab supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. SessionLab appears to have a company culture that values creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The company's website emphasizes the importance of designing effective workshops and processes that engage participants and drive results. The company also emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork, with a focus on empowering facilitators to create impactful experiences for their clients. Additionally, SessionLab appears to value transparency and open communication, with a blog that provides insights into the company's approach to workshop facilitation and process design.


Software Development
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Estonia, Harjumaa, Tallinn

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