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Software Supply Chain Management | Sonatype

Sonatype Careers
Sonatype is a leading software supply chain management company that specializes in providing solutions to help organizations develop software fearlessly and deliver products faster with safer open source. They offer a range of products including the Sonatype Repository Firewall, which blocks malicious open source from entering the software supply chain, protecting organizations from malware attacks. This firewall is the only solution that prevents both known and unknown open source risks. Sonatype also offers the Sonatype Nexus Repository, a tool that allows organizations to monitor and manage all components and binaries in a central source of truth. This accelerates repeatable builds for faster speed-to-market and provides enterprise-ready flexibility. Additionally, Sonatype Lifecycle helps control open source risk across the software development life cycle by monitoring the health and policy compliance of open source components. It enables organizations to produce software bill of materials and quickly remediate vulnerabilities with full visibility. The company serves a wide range of stakeholders, including developers, application security teams, and legal and compliance departments. Developers benefit from the ability to produce functionality and new applications quickly and efficiently. Application security teams appreciate the constant monitoring and notifications of open source vulnerabilities in their applications. Legal and compliance departments value the agile processes offered by Sonatype solutions, which help with compliance without burdening staff. Sonatype also prides itself on its seamless integration with various tools, including leading IDEs, source repositories, CI pipelines, and ticketing systems. With support for over 50 languages and packages, Sonatype ensures that organizations can use their preferred languages for software development. Overall, Sonatype is a trusted partner for organizations looking to manage their software supply chain, protect against open source risks, and accelerate their software development processes. With their comprehensive range of solutions and commitment to fast and secure software delivery, Sonatype empowers organizations to succeed in today's fast-paced software development landscape.
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