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Quill is an online education platform that provides a range of tools to help students improve their writing and reading skills. The platform offers various products such as Quill Connect, Quill Lessons, Quill Diagnostic, Quill Proofreader, Quill Grammar, and Quill Reading for Evidence. These tools are designed to cater to different levels of learners, from beginners to advanced ones. Additionally, Quill also has an extensive curriculum section that includes featured activity packs, official AP English writing practice, pre-AP English writing practice, and SpringBoard writing practice. The platform also provides teacher support through its Teacher Center, where educators can find resources, video tutorials, and best practices. Overall, Quill aims to provide effective solutions to strengthen students' content knowledge and writing skills while improving their overall academic performance.
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Quill promotes a remote work culture and values work-life balance. They have remote team members and utilize digital communication tools for effective collaboration. Based on public website information, we see that Quill Messaging values teamwork and collaboration. The company likely fosters a culture of open communication and encourages employees to work together to achieve common goals. Additionally, the company may prioritize innovation and creativity, as they are focused on developing a messaging platform that can improve team performance.


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United States, New York, New York

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