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Linear Insights is a software development platform that provides a comprehensive set of tools to help teams manage their work and improve their productivity. With its powerful features such as automated backlogs, custom workflows, discussion threads, issue templates, list and board layouts, and integrations with various tools, Linear enables teams to stay organized, focused, and productive. Whether it's managing a small project or a large enterprise, Linear has got you covered.
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Linear is a project management tool. It fosters a culture of efficiency, transparency, and remote work. Linear supports remote work arrangements, providing tools for remote team collaboration and task management. Based on web information, the company culture at Linear Issue tracking tool is focused on software development and bug tracking. The company is likely to have a strong emphasis on efficiency, organization, and attention to detail. Collaboration and communication are also likely to be important values, as the tool is designed to help teams work together to manage software development projects.


Software Development
Year founded
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United States, California, San Francisco

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