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John Snow Labs

John Snow Labs | NLP & AI in Healthcare

John Snow Labs Careers
John Snow Labs is a leading company specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for the healthcare industry. With a mission to improve healthcare outcomes, we empower our customers to harness the power of AI and accelerate its implementation. At John Snow Labs, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of AI innovation in healthcare. Utilizing the cutting-edge Spark NLP technology, we enable real-world evidence (RWE) and clinical decision support in oncology. Our expertise also extends to automated and explainable deep learning for clinical language understanding, exemplified by our successful partnership with Roche. With a focus on building real-world healthcare AI systems, our company has a track record of delivering exceptional results and utilizing state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to providing solutions that impress our clients and deliver tangible outcomes in terms of accuracy, speed, and scalability. Whether you are a healthcare provider, researcher, or pharmaceutical company, our AI platform and Spark NLP capabilities can greatly enhance your operations. We invite you to contact us and discover how we can help you leverage AI to its fullest potential, driving meaningful impact in the healthcare industry. Let us guide you towards the future of healthcare AI.
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John Snow Labs

IT Services and IT Consulting
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United States, Delaware, Lewes

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