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HR Software | Employee Management Software - HRLocker

HRLocker Careers
HRLocker is an online HR management software that assists small to medium-sized businesses in managing their HR functions efficiently. The platform offers a range of features such as time tracking, recruitment and onboarding, training and development, performance management, reports, HR documents, project management, and resources. It also includes employee databases, project management tools, and integration capabilities with third-party applications. With its user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support team, HRLocker helps businesses streamline their HR processes and focus on their core operations.
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HRLocker Culture
HRLocker is a human resources software company. It values a culture of HR efficiency, collaboration, and remote work. HRLocker supports remote work arrangements, enabling employees to work remotely or from their preferred locations. HRLocker appears to have a positive company culture that values innovation, flexibility, and collaboration. The company emphasizes the importance of making employee management easier and more efficient, which suggests a focus on employee satisfaction and well-being. HRLocker also emphasizes the importance of being able to manage employees from any location or device, which suggests a commitment to flexibility and work-life balance. The company's website features testimonials from satisfied customers, which suggests a focus on customer satisfaction and a commitment to delivering high-quality products and services.


IT Services and IT Consulting
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Ireland, undefined, Lahinch

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