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First Derivative

First Derivative - Delivering business agility for capital markets

First Derivative Careers
First Derivative is a global consulting firm specializing in delivering business agility solutions for the capital markets industry. With a focus on finance, technology, and data, the company offers specialized consulting services to clients in the capital markets sector. The company has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry, with several of the world's top 20 banks currently working with First Derivative. Their team consists of pioneers, engineers, and solutioneers who bring extensive experience and knowledge to deliver effective solutions to their clients. First Derivative's success is evident in the extensive number of hours of capital markets consulting they provided in 2020, showcasing their commitment to delivering high-quality services to their clients. Moreover, they have demonstrated their expertise in handling complex financial information by successfully taming and triangulating a significant amount of market data. One notable achievement of First Derivative is their partnership with an integration partner, which has allowed them to utilize the kdb+ platform on AWS more efficiently. This partnership has expanded their research and development capabilities, eliminating constraints such as storage space and high hosting fees. As a result, they have been able to develop and launch innovative solutions to combat fraudulent app installs, a feat that was previously considered impossible. Working with First Derivative has proven to be invaluable for their clients, as their utilization of kdb+ on AWS enables them to meet the growing demands of their platforms. This ensures seamless real-time experiences for the 25 million people connected to their clients' platforms. Overall, First Derivative is a trusted and innovative consulting firm that provides business agility solutions for the capital markets industry. With their expertise, extensive client base, and successful partnerships, they are well-positioned to continue delivering exceptional services to their clients in the future.
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First Derivative

Financial Services
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United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Newry

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