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Corellium Virtual Hardware

Corellium Careers
Corellium is a purpose-built company that specializes in providing high-precision virtual hardware solutions for development, testing, and research purposes. Our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of app developers, security researchers, and DevOps teams, equipping them with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their respective fields. One of our key offerings is Mobile App Pentesting, which enables users to thoroughly test the security of their mobile applications and identify any vulnerabilities. In addition, we offer Mobile App DevOps solutions that help developers streamline their development processes and enhance collaboration within their teams. At Corellium, we take pride in pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our groundbreaking virtual hardware platform is at the forefront of technological innovation, ensuring that software developers have the essential resources to research, build, and test on Arm-based technologies. Our platform consists of multiple layers, each with its own unique benefits. At Level 1, we utilize cutting-edge Arm hardware to virtualize Arm devices on their native architecture, providing high fidelity and on-demand availability. Whether users prefer on-site or cloud-based services, we offer both options. Level 2 introduces CHARM™, our proprietary type-1 hypervisor specifically designed to run complex devices, peripherals, and chipsets on bare metal hardware. This allows for seamless integration and enhanced performance. Virtual Devices, found at Level 3, offer a wide range of virtual smart devices, from mobile to IoT. With built-in optional jailbreaking and root access, researchers and developers can conduct research, development, and security testing that would otherwise be impossible with physical devices or emulators. To further facilitate development and security processes, Level 4 provides users with powerful tools. These tools are designed to accelerate work, reduce costs, and make DevSecOps a reality. With a powerful browser interface, Command Line Interface (CLI), and Application Programming Interface (API), users can seamlessly integrate manual and automated processes. Our solutions cater to enterprises, governments, and experts worldwide. We understand the importance of flexibility and integration, which is why our platform seamlessly integrates with existing business and development processes and systems. In summary, Corellium is a leading provider of virtual hardware solutions that empowers developers, security researchers, and DevOps teams to achieve their goals. Through our platform, users can explore the possibilities of Arm-based technologies, conduct in-depth research and testing, and streamline their development processes.
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