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Which Vikings Character Am I Quiz

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Vikings characters - Epic adventure of legendary Vikings.

Vikings is a gripping and epic television series that takes viewers back in time to the fascinating world of medieval Scandinavia. Led by the legendary Norse hero, Ragnar Lothbrok, the series follows the exploits of a group of Viking warriors as they explore new lands, conquer enemies, and navigate the complex politics of their time.
With stunning visuals, intricate plotlines, and a talented cast led by Travis Fimmel as Ragnar, Vikings is a feast for the senses that captures the spirit and energy of Viking culture and traditions. From intimate family moments to breathtaking battle scenes, the series offers a window into the complex relationships and dynamics of Viking society, exploring themes such as honor, loyalty, and the struggle for power. If you're a fan of historical fiction or epic adventure, then Vikings is a must-watch series that will take you on an unforgettable journey through one of the most fascinating periods of world history.

Which character personality quiz

This fun project is inspired by crowdsourced ratings of character personalities collected by the Open Psychometrics website, namely by over 3 million volunteers of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz to rate characters on descriptive adjectives and other properties, which can be aggregated to create profiles that users can be matched to as part of a personality test. For more information please check out Open Psychometrics.

This data was obtained from under a Creative Commons license and Gyfted’s tests are non-commercially available in open source form.