Leadership Assessment

Our Leadership Assessment identifies top-quality leaders with exceptional communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking skills.
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Used by teams inside growth startups and brands in the US & Europe

Automate pre employment assessments

Pre-employment leadership assessments are beneficial as they help identify candidates who possess the skills and qualities required to lead and inspire a team. These assessments evaluate the candidate's ability to make effective decisions, communicate effectively, delegate tasks, and motivate others. By conducting leadership assessments, employers can ensure that they are hiring candidates who can drive organizational success, build strong teams, and achieve long-term goals.


Talent screening

Talent screening must involve personality screening. This is because personality determines our preferences and behaviors. Research shows that people self-select over time into certain occupations depending on their personality, and certain personalities “fit” certain types of roles better. This matters for startups and large organizations alike.
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Cognitive ability measures

We test for cognitive ability and/or basic data analytics ability in order to help you get motivated, high potential applicants.
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Culture fit assessments

Candidate culture fit assessments based on shared values and preferences can help you figure out who could be a great fit for your team and organization. You can easily evaluate job candidates to identify who to hire more easily using Gyfted.
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Powerful applicants filters

Filter your applicants by skills, past industries, salary, location. Sort applicants by culture fit specific to your needs, overall fit relevant to the role and to your needs.
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Objective candidate ranking and selection

Assess candidates anywhere in your hiring funnel. We enable you to see a stacked-ranking of candidates powered by powerful filters and search. Our system learns your preferences when you create your role and when you select applicants, so you can make better hiring decisions.
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Psychometric tools for recruitment
We blend cognitive science, personality assessments, machine learning and our magic sauce to truly help you save time and match top applicants to you.
Cognitive & personality tests An automated, complete solution. Leave tests to us
Candidates that truly fit you View key behavioral traits and skills with insight into cultural fit
Science-based Online assessment tools for recruitment powered by ML

Match for role fit

Recruiting Solutions

Team Culture
Team Culture
Hire to improve team performance and diversity fit using assessment tools powered by behavioral science.
Talent Sourcing
Talent Collective
Find recruiters and candidates on our talent marketplace, and use our candidate sourcing RPO service.
Job Board
Job Feed
Free job posts on our JobFeed reverse job board match candidates to you seamlessly.

Our Solutions

Unbiased Hiring
Remove unconscious bias, recruit for diversity of work styles and personalities
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Describe yourself and what you’re seeking in a clear, informative way
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Team Development
Improve team performance and hire for the long run
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Talent Assessment Tools
Hire for role fit, culture fit, learning agility and potential
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Leadership Assessment?

The Leadership Assessment evaluates candidates' leadership skills, including their communication, decision-making, and strategic thinking abilities.

How can the Leadership Assessment help my hiring process?

The Leadership Assessment provides insights into candidates' leadership potential and style, allowing you to make more informed hiring decisions.
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