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Candidate Sourcing and Recruitment Agency Guide

Manpower vs Aerotek

View this side-by-side comparison of Manpower and Aerotek based on data from user reviews and publicly available information on Aerotek and Manpower to make the best choice for your talent acquisition.

Compare Aerotek vs Manpower

Aerotek seems to have a knack for finding high-quality candidates. Their vetting process appears to be comprehensive, resulting in candidates who not only have the necessary skill sets but also fit well with our company culture. The Aerotek team has always been professional and responsive, providing regular updates throughout the recruitment process, which I've found extremely helpful. Manpower excels in their global reach. They have offices in over 80 countries and territories, making them a great choice if you're looking to hire internationally. Their extensive reach also gives them access to a large candidate pool, which can be advantageous when trying to fill positions quickly. One thing I've appreciated about Manpower is their commitment to providing employment solutions that go beyond just recruitment. They offer a range of workforce solutions, such as outplacement and career management, which can be beneficial for businesses undergoing transitional periods. While their approach may be less personalised than Aerotek, their extensive resources and comprehensive services make them a reliable choice for large-scale recruitment needs. Both agencies have proven effective in meeting our recruitment needs, though the choice between the two largely depends on your specific requirements. If you value a tailored, high-quality service and have a diverse range of sectors to recruit for, Aerotek might be your best bet. For international reach and comprehensive workforce solutions, Manpower could be the more suitable choice.
Aerotek is highly regarded for its specialized, industry-specific recruitment services. They offer a broad range of staffing solutions, from temporary and contract placements to direct hires. They are known for their robust screening process and their ability to match candidates to companies based on skill set, experience, and company culture. Clients are likely to find that Aerotek has a deep understanding of their industry and the skills required for their open positions. However, some clients report that Aerotek's services can be more expensive than other agencies, and there can be occasional communication issues with their recruiters. On the other hand, Manpower is recognized worldwide for its extensive network and broad range of services, offering both temporary and permanent staffing solutions across various industries. They excel in volume hiring and are known for their efficient, streamlined recruitment process. Manpower's global presence allows access to a wide pool of candidates, which can be advantageous for companies with multinational operations. However, while Manpower excels in quantity, some business customers feel the quality of candidates can sometimes be inconsistent. There have also been concerns about the high turnover rate among Manpower's own staff, which can lead to inconsistent service. If industry-specific knowledge and candidate quality are the top priorities, Aerotek might be the better choice. However, if the business values volume, speed, and international reach, Manpower might be the more suitable option.

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Manpower and Aerotek recruitment experience

Business customers and candidates generally have mixed reviews about their recruitment experience with Manpower and Aerotek. For Manpower, some customers appreciate the company's global presence and diverse pool of candidates. They feel that the agency helps to streamline the hiring process. However, some customers have criticized the company for its lack of communication and difficulty in reaching out to consultants. Candidates also have varying experiences, with some praising the company's efficiency in securing them roles, while others have complained about poor management and lack of job security. As for Aerotek, some business customers have praised the company for its proactive communication and ability to provide qualified candidates. However, others have pointed out issues with high turnover rates of their account managers, leading to inconsistencies in service. Candidates' experiences also vary, with some appreciating the supportive recruiters and a wide range of job opportunities, while others express dissatisfaction with low pay rates, lack of benefits, and poor communication.

G2 rating
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Hanover, Maryland, USA
Manpower is a world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the power of business. They serve both large and small organizations across all industry sectors.
Aerotek is a leading recruitment and staffing agency. They provide high-quality technical professionals to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, and healthcare.
Business model
Offers services like temporary and permanent recruitment, training and development, career management, and outsourcing. They also provide workforce solutions and RPO services.
Provides staffing and recruiting services, including direct placement, contract-to-hire, and temporary staffing. They also offer managed services and RPO solutions.
Industries / Sectors
Specializes in industries such as IT, finance, engineering, and healthcare.
Specializes in industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and scientific.
Job Verticals
Provides opportunities in various verticals including administrative, industrial, and customer service roles.
Offers opportunities in engineering, scientific, industrial, and environmental services.
Operates in 80 countries and territories globally.
Primarily operates in North America.
Company Type
Publicly listed company.
Private company.
Private company.
Annual Revenue
$22 billion
Private company.

Save time and find talent that fits your team culture and role

Gyfted takes a modern, future of work approach to candidate assessments that is in stark contrast to traditional assessment industry practices. We do not just test candidates, we pride ourselves in matching them for role fit and cultural (values) fit.

Traditional assessment companies tend to focus on quantity, charging per candidate or per test. This mode of operation doesn't necessarily consider the quality of matches or the long-term fit of a candidate within a company's culture or role. Their main priority is often to process as many tests as possible, resulting in a less personalized experience that may not accurately identify the best fit for both parties, and more spending by companies, while driving a worse candidate experience (with candidate's running on the testing hamster wheel in various recruitment marathons across companies - being re-tested, re-questioned and screened about basically the same stuff from company to company).
At Gyfted we emphasize quality and outcomes. We prioritize the candidate experience first. We know that a positive one attracts top talent and leads to better matches over time. Our software is built around proven assessment standards and theories, offering a range of assessments from Personality testing (Big Five) to EQ to Abstract Reasoning, and above all testing for Team Cultural Add/Fit. We don't just aim to find a candidate who can do the job, but one who also aligns with the company's culture and values, and can seamlessly integrate into the existing team dynamics. We've aligned our business model with customers. Instead of charging per test or per candidate, we charge a monthly SaaS fee based on the organization size and package - our pricing is designed to give you value, not limit usage, and enable a great candidate experience.

This model aligns us with our clients, as we're incentivized to ensure successful matches and longevity in placements, not just to increase the number of tests taken. We understand that a successful hire is about more than just skills - it's about finding mutual right fit for your team and your role, as well as talent development once inside the company.

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Personality, EQ, Logical Reasoning, Culture Add, Values, Cognitive Styles, Work Styles, Motivational, Communication Styles, Conflict-Solving Style
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