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Frequently asked questions

What is talent marketplace?

A talent marketplace is a platform that connects businesses with job-seekers who have specific skills or competencies. The platform may be used to hire freelancers, temporary or permanent employees, as well as outsource projects.
Talent marketplaces usually allow businesses to search for and identify people with the right skills and experience, although most are gated access, and allow individuals to offer their services or apply for jobs. Some examples of talent marketplaces include Upwork and TopTal.

How to find a recruiter for remote jobs?

You can find a recruiter who specializes in remote jobs in a few ways: Search online job boards and job search websites. Many of these sites allow you to search for jobs by location, including remote positions - use keywords such as "remote" or "virtual" to narrow your search.
Use LinkedIn to find recruiters who specialize in remote work. Search for recruiters in your field and see if they have experience placing candidates in remote roles. You can also join LinkedIn groups for professionals in your industry - recruiters often post job openings in these groups.
Check out job fairs and career events that focus on remote work. These events often bring together employers and job seekers who are interested in remote opportunities.
Use a recruiting agency that specializes in remote work.
Or just use Gyfted and save time and spare headaches :)

How to recruit remotely?

Recruiting remotely is just a little bit different, as it involves finding and evaluating candidates who may not be located in the same place. Here are some tips for recruiting remotely:
Clearly communicate the details of the remote work arrangement. Make sure candidates understand the expectations and requirements of the role, as well as any technology or communication tools they will need to use.
Candidates with remote experience may be more accustomed to the challenges and benefits of remote work.
Consider using online assessments or testing to evaluate candidates' skills and aptitude. This can be a helpful way to gauge a candidate's fit for the role. Moreover, you can use Gyfted’s company culture assessment to gauge culture fit.
Set clear expectations for communication and collaboration. Make sure candidates understand how you expect them to communicate with team members and management, and what tools and platforms you will be using. The tech and communications stack will definitely matter to a lot of candidates, eg. whether you use Slack for team communication.
Be open to candidates from a variety of locations. Don't limit your search to candidates who are located in the same city as your company. Remote work allows you to tap into a great pool of talent!
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