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Get your Technical engineer specialist ASVAB Score

Are you interested in a career as a technical engineer specialist in the US Army?
This can be an exciting and rewarding career path that offers the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and make a difference in the world. However, becoming a technical engineer specialist in the US Army requires dedication, hard work, and a commitment to service. In this article, we'll explore the steps you need to take to become a technical engineer specialist in the US Army, including the education and training requirements, as well as the skills and qualities required for success in this role.

What does a Technical engineer specialist in the US Army do?

A Technical Engineer Specialist in the US Army is responsible for conducting technical engineering surveys and providing expertise in areas such as mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, and general engineering. They are involved in construction site planning, building design, and the development of technical drawings and specifications. Additionally, they oversee the construction, repair, and maintenance of all types of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and buildings. Their role involves working with other members of the Army to ensure that military operations have the necessary infrastructure and support to succeed.

Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) - Technical engineer specialist

The code for a Technical engineer specialist - Military Occupation Specialty: 12T

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Minimum ASVAB Line Score

Getting a military role requires meeting a certain minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test score. Technical engineer specialist US Army - Minimum ASVAB Line Scores - ST:101

Requirements to get a Technical engineer specialist US Army position

To apply for a Technical Engineer Specialist role in the US Army, follow these steps: 1. Meet the basic requirements: You must be a US citizen, have a high school diploma or GED, be between 17 and 34 years old, and be in good physical condition. 2. Research job qualifications: Technical Engineer Specialists are responsible for designing, developing, and supervising the construction of various Army structures and facilities. You will need a strong background in engineering or construction management. 3. Apply online: Visit the US Army website and apply for the Technical Engineer Specialist position through their online application system. 4. Complete the ASVAB: Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, which measures your strengths and abilities in various areas. 5. Attend Basic Combat Training: After enlisting, you will attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) for 10 weeks. 6. Attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT): After BCT, you will attend AIT for 20 weeks where you will learn and develop the necessary skills to become a Technical Engineer Specialist. 7. Serve in the Army: After completing your training, you will serve a specified term in the US Army as a Technical Engineer Specialist.

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Key skills and competencies

Useful skills and competencies are crucial for anyone aspiring to become a Technical engineer specialist in the US Army. The role demands proficiency in mathematics, physics, and mechanical engineering. In addition, effective communication skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities are essential. A strong attention to detail, teamwork skills, and physical fitness are also important qualities for this role.

Equipment and weapons used by a Technical engineer specialist

Technical engineer specialists in the US Army are equipped with a wide range of tools and weapons to accomplish their mission. They use various hand and power tools, including shovels, jackhammers, and chainsaws, to construct and demolish structures. Heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, graders, and excavators, is also used to move earth and other materials. Additionally, technical engineer specialists are trained on various firearms and explosive devices for defensive and offensive purposes.

How long does it take to become a Technical engineer specialist in the US Army

Becoming a Technical engineer specialist in the US Army typically takes between 14 and 17 weeks of training, depending on the individual's prior experience and qualifications. This training includes classroom instruction and practical exercises on topics such as construction principles, map reading, and heavy equipment operation. Additionally, physical fitness and marksmanship are also emphasized during training. Upon completion of the training, individuals are qualified to serve as Technical engineer specialists in the US Army.

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