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Get your Cargo specialist ASVAB Score

Becoming a cargo specialist in the US Army can be a rewarding and exciting career path for those interested in logistics and transportation. As a cargo specialist, you'll play a crucial role in ensuring that essential supplies and equipment are transported efficiently and safely to different locations around the world. In this article, we'll explore the steps required to become a cargo specialist in the US Army, including the training and skills needed to excel in this role.?

What does a Cargo specialist in the US Army do?

A Cargo Specialist in the US Army is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient movement of military equipment and supplies. They oversee the loading and unloading of cargo from transport vehicles, planes, and ships. They also inspect and document all cargo to ensure it meets transportation regulations and is properly secured for transport. In addition, they coordinate with other military personnel and civilian contractors to ensure timely and accurate delivery of cargo to its destination.

Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) - Cargo specialist

The code for a Cargo specialist - Military Occupation Specialty: 88H

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Minimum ASVAB Line Score

Getting a military role requires meeting a certain minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test score. Cargo specialist US Army - Minimum ASVAB Line Scores - GM:88

Requirements to get a Cargo specialist US Army position

To apply for a Cargo Specialist role in the US Army, follow these steps: 1. Visit the official US Army website and navigate to the Careers section. 2. Search for available Cargo Specialist positions and review the qualifications and requirements. 3. Meet the eligibility criteria, including being between the ages of 17 and 34, a US citizen or permanent resident, and meeting physical and educational requirements. 4. Complete and submit an online application and provide all required documentation, including medical records, education transcripts, and personal information. 5. Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test and meet the required score for the Cargo Specialist MOS. 6. Attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to learn the skills and knowledge necessary for the Cargo Specialist role. To increase your chances of being recruited, you can: 1. Research the position and the Army lifestyle to determine if it's the right fit for you. 2. Speak with a recruiter to learn more about the role and ask any questions you may have. 3. Prepare for and excel on the ASVAB test to increase your options and potential job opportunities. 4. Maintain physical fitness to meet the Army's standards and requirements. 5. Demonstrate a strong work ethic and willingness to learn during BCT and AIT.

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Key skills and competencies

Useful skills and competencies required for a Cargo specialist in the US Army include proficiency in mathematical calculations, communication, and problem-solving skills. The role demands the ability to manage and supervise personnel, work independently, and handle high-pressure situations. Cargo specialists should be able to operate material handling equipment and perform tasks like loading and unloading cargo, preparing and maintaining shipping records, and inspecting cargo for damage.

Equipment and weapons used by a Cargo specialist

Equipment and weapons used in the role of a Cargo specialist in the US Army include a range of tools and machinery. From forklifts and cranes to various types of trucks and trailers, cargo specialists must know how to operate this equipment safely and efficiently. They should also be familiar with weapons commonly used by the US Army, like the M16 assault rifle and the M240 machine gun.

How long does it take to become a Cargo specialist in the US Army

The length of time required to become a Cargo specialist in the US Army depends on a range of factors. Typically, individuals interested in this career path will need to complete basic training, which lasts about ten weeks. From there, they may need to undergo specialist training, which can take several additional weeks or months. After training is complete, they will likely need to meet certain experience and performance requirements before advancing in their military career.

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