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Get your Cannon crewmember ASVAB Score

If you're looking to join the United States Army as a Cannon Crewmember, then you've come to the right place. As a Cannon Crewmember, you'll be responsible for working with some of the most powerful artillery weapons in the world, and ensuring that they're properly maintained and deployed. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to become a Cannon Crewmember in the US Army, including the qualifications you'll need to meet, the training you'll receive, and the day-to-day responsibilities of the role.?

What does a Cannon crewmember in the US Army do?

A Cannon crewmember in the US Army operates and maintains various types of field artillery, including howitzers and cannons. They are responsible for firing and adjusting the trajectory of the weapon to accurately hit a target, as well as performing routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning and repairing the equipment. In addition, Cannon crewmembers are trained in essential field skills such as survival techniques and tactical maneuvers.

Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) - Cannon crewmember

The code for a Cannon crewmember - Military Occupation Specialty: 13B

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Minimum ASVAB Line Score

Getting a military role requires meeting a certain minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test score. Cannon crewmember US Army - Minimum ASVAB Line Scores - FA:93

Requirements to get a Cannon crewmember US Army position

To apply for and get recruited for a Cannon crewmember role in the US Army, follow these steps: 1. Meet the eligibility criteria: You must be a US citizen, aged between 17-34 years, possess a high school diploma or equivalent, and meet the physical and medical standards. 2. Contact a recruiter: Find a local US Army recruiter by visiting the official website or calling 1-888-550-ARMY. The recruiter will guide you through the enlistment process. 3. Take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test: This test determines your eligibility and suitability for various Army roles, including Cannon crewmember. 4. Attend Basic Combat Training (BCT): This is a 10-week training program that teaches you basic military skills and prepares you for the rigors of Army life. 5. Attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT): After completing BCT, you will attend AIT for job-specific training as a Cannon crewmember. This training lasts for 14 weeks and includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training. 6. Complete on-the-job training: After AIT, you will receive on-the-job training to gain practical experience as a Cannon crewmember. 7. Serve your country: Once you complete your training, you will be assigned to a unit and start serving your country as a Cannon crewmember.

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Key skills and competencies

Useful skills and competencies required for the role of Cannon crewmember in the US Army include proficiency in math and science, as well as mechanical aptitude. Additionally, physical fitness and the ability to work well in a team are essential. A strong attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and the ability to follow directions are also important for success in this role.

Equipment and weapons used by a Cannon crewmember

Equipment and weapons used by Cannon crewmembers in the US Army include the M777A2 howitzer, the M119A3 howitzer, and the M109A7 Paladin self-propelled howitzer. Crewmembers must also be familiar with various types of ammunition, including high-explosive, smoke, and illumination rounds. They must have a strong understanding of the maintenance and operation of this equipment and be able to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

How long does it take to become a Cannon crewmember in the US Army

Becoming a Cannon crewmember in the US Army typically takes six to eight weeks of basic training, followed by 20 weeks of advanced individual training. During this time, recruits will engage in classroom learning and hands-on experience with the equipment and weapons used in this role. They will also participate in physical training and learn important teamwork and leadership skills. After completing this training, new crewmembers will be assigned to a unit and continue to receive ongoing training and development throughout their careers.

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