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15Five reviews vs LinkedIn Talent Insights reviews

View this comparison of LinkedIn Talent Insights and 15Five based on publicly available user reviews. This talent management software guide is to help you pick the best talent assessments tools, learn about talent metrics, and introduce you to Gyfted's talent insights solution.

15Five vs LinkedIn Talent Insights reviews based on AI scraped user reviews

Users have varying opinions about 15Five. Some users appreciate the software's user-friendly interface and comprehensive data visualization tools, which make it easier to analyze information. The robust search functionality is also well-regarded as it helps users gather valuable insights on talent and aids in making informed recruitment decisions. However, negative feedback includes frustration with the limited customization options and lack of flexibility in data filtering. Small businesses find the pricing to be too high, and there have been complaints about occasional glitches and slow response times from customer support.
LinkedIn Talent Insights
Users have mixed reviews about LinkedIn Talent Insights. Some appreciate the platform's robust search functionality, which allows them to gather valuable insights on talent and make informed recruitment decisions. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive data visualization tools are also praised for simplifying the analysis process. However, others express frustration with the limited customization options and lack of flexibility in terms of data filtering. Some users find the pricing to be too high, especially for small businesses. Additionally, there have been complaints about occasional glitches and slow response times from customer support.
LinkedIn Talent Insights
G2 rating
4.5 /5
4.6 /5
Santa Clara, CA
San Francisco, CA
LinkedIn Talent Insights is a powerful analytics tool developed by LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network. It provides organizations with valuable data and insights to make informed talent decisions and drive recruitment strategies. With its extensive database of professionals and job market information, LinkedIn Talent Insights enables companies to understand talent trends, identify top talent pools, and optimize their recruitment efforts. By leveraging this tool, businesses can gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent in today's rapidly evolving job market.
15Five is a leading employee performance management software company that is on a mission to help organizations unlock the potential of their employees. With its easy-to-use platform, 15Five enables companies to engage with their remote workforce, streamline communication, and boost employee productivity. By providing tools for continuous feedback, performance reviews, and goal tracking, 15Five empowers managers and employees to have meaningful conversations and drive performance improvements.
Business Model
LinkedIn Talent Insights is a platform developed by LinkedIn that offers businesses and recruiters a comprehensive suite of tools and data-driven insights to make informed decisions about talent acquisition and workforce planning. It provides access to real-time and in-depth analytics, allowing users to analyze talent pools, understand industry trends, and gain competitive intelligence. With its focus on data-driven recruitment strategies, LinkedIn Talent Insights enables businesses to align their hiring efforts with market demand and build a strong and diverse workforce.
15Five is a software company that provides a platform for continuous performance management. Their business model focuses on helping companies improve employee engagement and productivity by encouraging regular check-ins and feedback loops between managers and employees. With features like weekly check-ins, goal tracking, and performance reviews, 15Five aims to foster a transparent and collaborative work environment.
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LinkedIn Talent Insights and 15Five ease of use and UX reviews

LinkedIn Talent Insights
LinkedIn Talent Insights has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for its ease of use and user experience. Users have praised its intuitive interface, which allows them to easily navigate through the platform and access the information they need. The seamless integration with LinkedIn's extensive network of professionals enables recruiters to tap into a vast pool of talent effortlessly. Additionally, users have commended its comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights to make informed talent management decisions.
When examining the ease of use and UX of 15Five, users have consistently praised the platform for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface. Many have found 15Five to be highly accessible, even for those with limited technical expertise, making it a standout choice for companies of all sizes. Users appreciate the platform's clean, modern interface, which allows for seamless navigation and efficient task management. Additionally, the talent experience with 15Five has been highly regarded, with employees finding the platform to be interactive, engaging, and conducive to open communication and feedback. Overall, user reviews highlight the positive user experience offered by 15Five, making it a top contender in the talent management software market.

Fostering Growth: Empowering Internal Talent through Career Development

Gyfted offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to maximize their internal talent mobility and unlock growth opportunities. Their platform provides a range of tools and resources designed to enhance succession planning, career development, and talent assessments within the organization. With access to an extensive employee database, businesses can easily identify and evaluate the skills, strengths, and potential of their workforce. By leveraging talent metrics and assessments, Gyfted empowers businesses to make informed decisions and strategically align employees with opportunities for growth and advancement. This holistic approach to talent development ensures that businesses can effectively nurture and retain their top performers, ultimately driving organizational success.
Internal talent mobility has become a critical component of modern business strategies, and Gyfted understands the importance of unlocking its potential. Through their platform, businesses can seamlessly navigate the complexities of talent mobility and create a culture of continuous learning and development. By offering employee assessments and talent metrics, Gyfted enables businesses to identify high-potential individuals within their organization and provide them with targeted opportunities for growth. This not only enhances employee satisfaction and engagement but also ensures that the right people are in the right roles, driving overall productivity and success. With Gyfted's comprehensive offering, businesses can effectively harness the power of internal talent mobility and take their organization to new heights.

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