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Our free personality assessments are an excellent tool you can use to understand yourself better. All of the assessments were designed by professional psychometricians who graduated from the top leading universities in the world! To take an assessment, go to the Personal Growth page.Make sure to register your account in order to keep track of your progress.

We’re an open psychometrics platform with an array of free tests that you can use for job matching and personal development. Our tools empower you with insights into your personality, abilities, preferences and motivations. They also save you time and stress so that instead of doing 100 interviews at 100 organizations, take 1 interview for 10,000 organizations and get matched with a company that values you not only for your skills but also for you as a person. That is not all! We strive to eliminate bias in hiring so your data is pseudonymous - we don’t take your last name, gender or age. Learn more on theTeam page or get started with your firstpersonality test.

We believe that the hiring process is broken - candidates hate it, hiring managers dread it. It is a waste of time and resources on both sides. Our goal is to ensure that hiring benefits everyone involved.

We are creating a single, integrated recruiting solution to rule them all by leveraging the power of psychometrics, big data and machine learning. As a candidate, instead of taking 100 interviews at 100 organisations, you create a single profile, complete Personality Assessments and take part in 1 interview to get matched with jobs across thousands of companies. On top of that you receive meaningful feedback about your personality traits after each completed assessment. You can use it as a self-development tool to gain insights into your personality or share and compare your results with your family and friends to form more meaningful relationships with them.

Gyfted is for all individuals. Whether you are looking for a new job, are passionate about self-developement or just want to take some tests and compare your results with others for fun - Gyfted is the perfect solution for you. Get started with our Assessments today!

Gyfted focuses on remote work opportunities. That means that we connect candidates regardless of their location with companies all over the world.

With Gyfted you will be able to find remote job offers from organizations all around the world in an array of various domains and fields. Register now to find a job that “fits” you.

Hiring is often biased and companies look for candidates with education from prestigious universities or previous work history at well known companies. At Gyfted, we strive to eliminate bias from hiring and let your personality and skills shine. This way you can find an excellent job even if you don’t have experience from a fancy institution. Gyfted will help you find a job at an organization that appreciates you for who you are and where you just “fit”. After taking our assessments your personality profile will be created allowing you to apply to thousands of companies instead of taking 100 interviews at 100 organisations. Your results will be pseudonymous - we don’t even ask for your surname, race, gender etc. to further eliminate bias from hiring. You will also receive meaningful feedback on your personality traits which you can use as a self-development tool to better understand yourself and share your results with others.


In the XIX-th century job postings were on paper ads nailed to a shop door or posted under classified ads in local newspapers. Today, the scale is bigger but the process has not changed. Sure, you probably do not look for job offers walking door to door. Instead you see hundreds of offers on a multitude of job boards all around the world. When you think about it, it’s not much different from what was done hundreds of years ago - we just switched the nail and paper for a computer and a mouse. With the growing number of job offers, the complicated and long recruitment process and lack of transparent information about the position you want to apply for, you waste countless hours applying for jobs at companies that are not the right “fit” for you. Not only that, but you also often need to use tools such as Excel or dedicated CMR software to track and organise your job search. These are all signs that the recruitment process is broken and the labor markets are fractured and inefficient.

Instead of looking through countless job boards, filling out 100 applications to take part in 100 interviews at 100 organisations, create 1 profile, go through 1 interview process to apply to 1000 organisations and get matched with a job that values you not only for your skills but also your personality. Sounds too good to be true? Not necessarily! Gyfted saves hours of your time and limits the unnecessary stress you experience during your job hunt by doing most of the work for you. Create your profile today to apply to companies where you just “fit” and learn more about your personality in the meantime. Spend the time you save thanks to us with your family, friends or just catch up on your favourite TV series - life is not all about the grind and you deserve to unwind after all the stress you endured trying to find a job using other websites.

Platforms like LinkedIn are not entirely aligned with candidates' goals to get hired. Hiring managers get hundreds of CVs. As a result, they are unable to evaluate and interview everyone, so they resort to keyword matching and favouring individuals from more renowned universities or more prestigious previous employers. In turn, this creates bias and excludes people who had a harder start in life or came from different backgrounds. As a candidate, it is not your skills that are being evaluated but whether your CV complies with the search phrases the hiring managers use. You can do very little to show that you are a perfect match for a given role. What's the alternative then? Well, hiring based on personality assessment comes to the rescue. While CV screening provides information on your education and previous experience, it doesn't account for your culture fit and personality. While skills can be taught, a culture fit is something that must be found to ensure that you "fit" within the organization's leadership structure, values and work style. Hiring based on personality assessment reduces bias, limits hiring mistakes and allows both you and the employer to focus on what you can do together in the future instead of prioritizing your past.

Well, we’re here to tell you that you should probably ditch your CV altogether. To us, it’s a relic of the past. Personality and skill assessment is what matters when looking for a job. Taking our tests takes a fraction of the time you need to spend on creating a CV, and you get the chance to not only apply to thousands of companies with the Gyfted profile you create, but you also get tailored job posts that match your interests at companies where you just fit. You even get to learn more about yourself and your personality traits in the meantime. Sounds terrific, doesn’t it? Yet, you still want to show off your previous experience and education to your potential employers? Sure thing, just make sure your LinkedIn profile is in tip-top shape and link it to your Gyfted profile. No boring old CV needed.

CVs show off your education and experience, but they do not reflect your personality, values and culture fit. The information on your education and work history is meaningful. Still, it leads to bias in recruitment as hiring managers look at individuals from renowned universities, institutions and companies more favourably. As a result, they miss out on candidates who would be a great fit - outstanding workers come from all backgrounds, not only from ivy league colleges and Fortune 500 companies. It is the flexibility and growth mindset that matter, and your CV doesn’t reflect that. While hard and soft skills can be learned, your personality traits are fixed, and they are what determines a good culture fit.

The hiring process is still manual and labour-intensive. It's run mostly through email and LinkedIn, and despite the use of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software, it's still lengthy, expensive and ineffective. It’s a waste of time and resources for everyone involved - for you as a candidate and for your potential employers alike. Keyword matching tech tools used during initial screening discriminate against people who had a harder start in life and didn't attend prestigious universities or work at well-known companies. Yet, data shows that many of them are talented and perform great or even better than individuals with flashy CVs. Moreover, companies often practice unstructured interviews, which are more like informal chats than legitimate assessments of your skills. As a result, it is the candidates who are good at chit-chatting come out on top and not those who would actually perform better in a given role. Not only that, but interviewers vary significantly in their assessment skills and even the order in which candidates are interviewed or the time of day can influence the outcome of the interview. Moreover, hiring managers often do not have a clear answer to the "who are you looking to hire?" question resulting in poor job descriptions and no reliable way to benchmark the candidates against one another. As a result, instead of basing the hiring decisions on your skills and cultural fit, they turn to social proof and nepotism. All this biases candidate evaluation and leads to mistakes in hiring.

The first and most important thing for employers to do in order to improve the hiring process is to specify who exactly they want to hire and why. This will lead to better job descriptions and provide a way to compare candidates based on tangible skills and qualities instead of basing the hiring decision on the managers' gut feeling. Secondly, they should outsource hiring. Do companies run their servers in-house? Do they run their own payments systems? No, they outsource those services because they don't know how to provide those services for themselves, and it's more efficient and cost-effective to have someone do it for them. It's clear that companies don't know how to recruit either, and they know recruitment is a time and resource sink. Yet, they insist on running the hiring process themselves anyway. Why? Because despite the costly nature of recruitment, they often cannot afford to use the services of recruitment agencies. Startups and mid-market companies are especially affected by this as they grow and develop. They lack resources to run structured recruitment on their own, and hiring a recruitment agency would obliterate their budget. Moreover, recruitment agencies don't reliably deliver, and still, there is an important role that the company plays in recruiting. It's clear that recruitment agencies are not the answer. This is where Gyfted comes in as we offer recruitment outsourcing that does not ruin the company's budget.

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0. Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Nada! Gyfted provides you with quality assessments for free. They are equivalent to those you can find on the web for $9 or $50 per single test! Instead of completing disjoined tests on different websites, take our assessments and get a comprehensive overview of your personality. Here you get free diversity sourcing tools to assist you in your recruitment strategy.

No, there is no need to register as some of our assessments are available to the general public. However, we highly recommend registering your account to obtain additional perks not made available to unregistered users. You will gain more control over your data and receive access to more assessments, allowing you to build a more accurate profile of your personality and abilities.

Yes. In order to delete your account go to Settings and press the “Delete your profile” button.

Yes, your results are anonymous. We don't collect personal information, including your age, gender or race. We don't even ask for your surname! Once you decide to start a recruitment process with us, all of your data will be hidden from the potential employer, and it will be published only if you've agreed to that.

We provide meaningful feedback on each one of your personality traits that are measured in a given assessment. This way, you can learn more about yourself, your personality and your motivations

No, there is no need for special software or hardware. You can use Gyfted in any browser on your computer and mobile devices.

A good Gyfted profile is one that you create in line with your personal preferences. Don’t think about what you “should” write. Instead, respond in line with your own convictions and choose the answers that you relate to the most. This way, you will get the most accurate results and we will be able to match you with a company that reflects your values. Remember - you are here to find a job at an organisation that fits you and your expectations, not the other way round.

Science behind Gyfted

Psychometrics is a word of Greek origins meaning "mental" and "the process of measurement". It describes a field in psychology related to measuring and quantifying personality, character traits, abilities and attitudes.

Personality Assessment or Personality Test is a tool used to measure your unique characteristics and qualities known as personality traits. It can be used in psychology (such as school psychology, relationship counselling or clinical psychology) or areas connected to employment (career counselling, hiring). However, since Personality Assessments provide you with an overview of your traits, they can also be an excellent self-development tool. They allow you to learn more about yourself and even pinpoint the traits you could work on. At Gyfted we provide Personality Assessments known as “self-report inventory”. During those tests you are asked to rate how well a given statement applies to you. Self-inventories are much more reliable and have higher validity than projective tests, which are another type of Personality Assessments and require you to interpret a scene or an object.

The only rule of taking a Personality Assessment is to have fun and be yourself. Remember, there are no wrong answers, so don't overthink it. In order to get the most accurate results, you should focus, respond in line with your own convictions and choose the answers that you relate to the most.

Each assessment provides you with meaningful feedback on your personality traits based on over half a century of Psychological Research. The information you receive after completing the assessments will help you understand yourself more and aid your self-development. Share your results with potential employers to display your strengths and unique fit and apply for a job that matches not only your skills but also your personality. You can also encourage your colleagues and friends to take the assessments and share their results with you to gain a deeper understanding of their personalities and see what makes each one of you unique.

Personality is what makes you - you. It’s a set of your relatively fixed ways of behaving, feeling and thinking. That’s not to say that it’s impossible to change your personality - it is certainly feasible, but it requires a lot of conscious effort. There are five main personality traits known as the Big Five - neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to new experiences. You can measure them using one of ourPersonality Assessments. There are hundreds of people who look similar to you and so it is your personality that makes you unique. You’ve probably heard people say “birds of a feather flock together”. This might seem like just another proverb, but it is actually one of the reasons why your personality matters in your everyday life and at work. People tend to associate with those who share their values and interests. Thus, your personality determines who you spend time with and in which social circles you feel welcome. It is especially important in a professional environment. In order to progress your career more efficiently and derive more pressure from work, you need an environment in which you can feel free to be yourself. This is where Gyfted comes in by allowing you to take Personality Assessments, create a comprehensive profile of your personality and apply to work for companies that reflect your values.

Getting matched to the right team along culture fit matters both for you and the hiring team. When working in groups what matters are team member attitudes, values and working styles that impact collaboration and team performance. Check out our blog on this topic.

As an employee, you look for an organisation where you can not only show off your skills but also feel appreciated for who you are. For example, if you are highly independent and thrive when assigned individual tasks, you won't feel comfortable at an office that heavily relies on collaborative teamwork. This is where culture fit (aka. hiring based on personality traits) comes into play. People who are a culture fit for an organisation are more content with their work and more effective. If you compliment the company's goals, values and work style, you feel like a valuable part of the organisation not only as a worker but also as a person.

In their current form, most assessments are focused on discovering candidates' weaknesses. There is often very little or no information provided to the candidates prior to the assessment. As a result, they don't know what to expect, can't prepare for the test, are stressed during the whole process and underperform. More often than not, after the test, they receive no feedback. This is not a constructive way to approach candidate evaluation. What matters for employers are the candidates' strengths, not weaknesses. Candidates should be told how to prepare for the assessments to show off their strengths. Once the test is completed, they should be provided with constructive feedback to help them learn how to improve.

We’re building tools based on psychometrics and data to empower teams and individuals with insights into personality, abilities, preferences and motivations.
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