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Talent Screening and Assessment Software Guide

Caliper vs Sova Assessment

View this side-by-side comparison of Sova Assessment vs Caliper based on data from user reviews and publicly available information on Caliper and Sova Assessment, to help you make the best choice for your recruitment needs.

Comparing Sova Assessment and Caliper

When considering Sova Assessment and Caliper, your decision will depend on the specific requirements of your talent acquisition strategy and the experience you aim to offer your candidates. Sova Assessment provides a comprehensive, scientifically-driven platform that combines aptitude, personality, and situational judgement tests. On the other hand, Caliper offers a more specialized approach with its focus on personality profiling to assess potential job performance, making it an ideal solution for talent development and management.
Sova Assessment is a versatile assessment platform designed to streamline the recruitment process by providing tailored psychometric tests that help evaluate a candidate's personality, cognitive abilities, and motivational drivers. The software is recognized for its AI-driven, adaptive assessments that offer a personalized experience, helping companies to find the right fit for their teams. On the other hand, Caliper is a talent management solution that focuses on the assessment of an individual's competencies and potential for success in a specific role. Known for its proprietary Caliper Profile, the platform helps businesses in making informed hiring and development decisions by providing insights into a candidate's strengths, limitations, motivations, and potential. In essence, while both Sova Assessment and Caliper offer robust assessment solutions, their focus differs - Sova leans towards psychometric evaluations, and Caliper emphasizes individual competency and potential.

Save Time Screening for Culture Add and Culture Fit

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Assessment Vendor Features

Candidate Screening
Candidate Comparisons
Candidate Ranking
Talent Development
Customizable Tests (depends on vendor)
Dashboard Reporting
Personality Testing
Cognitive Testing

Sova Assessment and Caliper ease of use and candidate experience

Sova Assessment, similar to Codility, prioritizes a smooth user experience, providing a user-friendly interface with streamlined and structured assessments. It is designed to offer candidates a seamless experience during the testing process. On the other hand, Caliper, much like HackerRank, offers a more interactive platform. Besides its core function of assessments, it provides additional features to enrich the candidate experience such as detailed reports and data analytics. However, unlike HackerRank, it does not offer a community or practice platform for candidates.

Sova Assessment
UX and Candidate Experience
Sova is designed with a user-friendly interface that aims to provide a seamless experience for candidates. The platform's streamlined process enables candidates to access, complete, and submit assessments with ease, reducing the stress associated with traditional assessment methods. Furthermore, the personalized feedback offered by Sova enhances the candidate experience by providing them with valuable insights into their performance. The platform is also mobile-friendly, which allows candidates to complete assessments at their convenience, thereby improving their overall experience.
I'm sorry, but I couldn't find specific information about a software product called TALOGY on the provided link or the Caliper Corp website. It's possible that there may be a misunderstanding or mistake in the software name or the link. Caliper Corp offers a platform called Caliper Profile which is an employee assessment tool. However, without accurate and specific details about TALOGY, providing a description of its ease of use and candidate experience would be speculative and potentially inaccurate.
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Companies in need of a solution to improve their candidate experience and improve their assessment operations
Business managers seeking a solution to manage and improve their recruiting operations
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Pre-made Test Library and Test Customization
Sova Assessment does not provide a pre-made test library. However, it does offer customization options, allowing you to tailor assessments to suit your specific needs.
Caliper does not offer a pre-made test library. However, it does allow for customization in the creation of assessments. You have the ability to develop unique tests suited to your specific needs.
Assessment Categories
Assessment Pre-employment Testing Technical Screening Video Interviewing
Coaching Human Resources Pre-employment Testing
Company Information
Sova United Kingdom sovaassessment.com/platform
TALOGY United States calipercorp.com/selection/essentials-for-selection/

Save time and find talent that fits your team culture and role

Gyfted takes a modern, future of work approach to candidate assessments that is in stark contrast to traditional assessment industry practices. We do not just test candidates, we pride ourselves in matching them for role fit and cultural (values) fit.

Traditional assessment companies tend to focus on quantity, charging per candidate or per test. This mode of operation doesn't necessarily consider the quality of matches or the long-term fit of a candidate within a company's culture or role. Their main priority is often to process as many tests as possible, resulting in a less personalized experience that may not accurately identify the best fit for both parties, and more spending by companies, while driving a worse candidate experience (with candidate's running on the testing hamster wheel in various recruitment marathons across companies - being re-tested, re-questioned and screened about basically the same stuff from company to company).
At Gyfted we emphasize quality and outcomes. We prioritize the candidate experience first. We know that a positive one attracts top talent and leads to better matches over time. Our software is built around proven assessment standards and theories, offering a range of assessments from Personality testing (Big Five) to EQ to Abstract Reasoning, and above all testing for Team Cultural Add/Fit. We don't just aim to find a candidate who can do the job, but one who also aligns with the company's culture and values, and can seamlessly integrate into the existing team dynamics. We've aligned our business model with customers. Instead of charging per test or per candidate, we charge a monthly SaaS fee based on the organization size and package - our pricing is designed to give you value, not limit usage, and enable a great candidate experience.

This model aligns us with our clients, as we're incentivized to ensure successful matches and longevity in placements, not just to increase the number of tests taken. We understand that a successful hire is about more than just skills - it's about finding mutual right fit for your team and your role, as well as talent development once inside the company.

Candidate-friendly Assessments for Culture-first Companies

Personality, EQ, Logical Reasoning, Culture Add, Values, Cognitive Styles, Work Styles, Motivational, Communication Styles, Conflict-Solving Style
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