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GoodFirms interview with Gyfted’s Cofounder

Jul 26, 2023
9 min read

Robert Kowalski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gyfted, shares in this GoodFirms interview with Gyfted how they developed this best-in-class and state-of-the-art Recruiting Software for businesses. This software provides a revolutionary platform and recruitment tools to help companies find the best talent for their organizations. 

Our goal is to provide an innovative talent-matching, recruitment software that seeks to revolutionize the way companies find talent, and be the leading player globally in screening and recruiting remote talent

Headquartered in California, USA, Gyfted is a recruitment-assisting platform that provides a wide range of tools for talent acquisition such as hiring assessment tools, candidate sourcing, and team culture assessment. The tool has been serving both startups and growing companies specializing in tech, software, tech-enabled services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Shared Services Centers (SSCs) enabling them to automate their recruitment process. 

Trusted by innovative brands worldwide, Gyfted offers an ample set of features, including automated talent screening, reverse job board plus contingent search, organizational culture fit assessment, objective candidate ranking and selection, psychometric profile test, personality & cognitive ability measures, powerful applicants filters, team culture measures, ATS integrations, feedback-driven Gyfted tests, resume and CV screening data-driven insights, onboarding, and self-service portal. Using Gyfted’s talent assessment software, businesses and organizations can not only save an immense amount of time but also improve their hiring process and provide candidates with an amazing hiring experience. 

The company offers a simple, subscription-based pricing model for Gyfted software where all the packages/plans offer various features and businesses can choose any package/plan depending on their requirements. The company has also designed a package for freelancers that is completely free. GoodFirms interviewed and discussed the detailed offerings of Gyfted software directly with Robert Kowalski, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gyfted, to learn more about the software.

Versatile Recruiting Software

Initiating the interview, Robert Kowalski says that Gyfted is an innovative talent-matching platform that seeks to revolutionize the way companies find talent. The software employs cutting-edge technology to analyze potential hires’ strengths and talents, thereby assisting companies in recognizing potential employees who would be a perfect cultural fit for their teams. Moreover, the software doesn’t just look for skills but also looks for personalities that perfectly resonate with companies’ work culture.
On being asked about what motivated the company to create Gyfted software, Robert Kowalski elaborates that the recruitment process is broken and needs to be fixed. He has faced discrimination in/ getting recruited and therefore, he came up with an unbiased solution for the recruitment process. He further stated that consciously or unconsciously, everyone falls into the trap of recruitment bias procedure. The company aims to democratize the recruitment process by minimizing biases, focusing on inherent talents and personality traits rather than superficial factors. Their main objective is to ensure that every candidate gets a fair chance and that every company gets the right fit.
On being asked about the value addition to the clients compared to other software alternatives, Robert indicates that Gyfted recruiting software is easy to access, speedy, easy to use, and is designed with the principles of psychometrics with machine learning algorithms that bring complete accuracy in matching potential employees with employers. Furthermore, the company has leveraged structured knowledge graph data and a ChatGPT solution to increase recruitment sales velocity.

Unique Features and Offerings

Robert explains that Gyfted offers an array of tools that sets the software apart from other products in the market. The company also provides simple, affordable pricing, and a higher level of customer service that makes them stand ahead of its competitors. The company does not merely match resumes to job descriptions, it rather ensures that both parties’ psychometric profiles align, leading to successful and long-term hires.
Robert further elaborates that the software provides all recruitment-related features under one roof, including talent and CV screening, psychometric profile test, personality & cognitive ability measures, powerful applicants filters, ATS integration, and many other features that are required in acquiring the best fit for the company without any bias. 

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Regarding customer satisfaction and retention, Robert details that the company takes immense pride in the positive feedback they receive from its users, particularly regarding its candidate experience. To cater to its customers’ needs and requirements, the company continually improves its platform based on their feedback. The company also provides comprehensive support to ensure its customers’ experience with Gyfted is seamless and fruitful.
“We’re proud to say that we have a significant number of returning customers, including giants from the Fortune 1000 and FTSE 100,” says Robert Kowalski.
Robert further adds that the company provides a monthly, yearly, and subscription-based plan. The company also provides a free basic plan that is highly suitable for freelancers.

Dedicated Customer Support

Robert further discloses that they provide dedicated and free online customer support, and one-to-one support to enterprises.

Gyfted- The Best Recruiting Software

“We’re going to flip the tables in recruiting. Remote recruiting will look nothing like traditional recruitment and we’ll be the leading player globally in screening and recruiting remote talent,” says Robert Kowalski. 

Gyfted’s software is the best recruiting software that allows hiring manager to find the best talent pool for their organizations’ work and culture without any bias. To know more about their offerings check out this detailed interview published at GoodFirms, or Gyfted’s B2B website.

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