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Gyfted uses Google Cloud AI/ML tools to match tech workers with the best jobs

Feb 19, 2023
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September 29, 2022

It’s no secret that many organizations and job seekers find the hiring process exhausting. It can be time consuming, costly, and somewhat risky for both parties. Those are just some of the experiences we wanted to change when we started Gyfted, a pre-vetted talent marketplace for people who complete tech training or degree programs and are looking for the right career move. At the same time, we’re helping businesses save time and improve recruiting outcomes with our automated candidate screening and sourcing tools. 

Our vision is clear: To take a candidate through one structured hiring process, and then put them in front of thousands of companies. It’s similar to the common app system in higher education. Sounds simple, but it is a herculean technical and UX task. To succeed we had to combine advanced psychometric testing, machine learning, the latest in behavioral design, and develop the highest quality structured, relational dataset to represent candidate and manager profiles and preferences on our network. Fortunately, we were cofounded by world-leading experts in these areas including Dr. Michal Kosinski, one of the world’s top computational psychologists, and Adam Szefer, a gifted young technologist. We’ve been joined by a group of equally talented employees, most of whom work remotely in Poland, US, Switzerland, UK, Israel, and Ukraine.

The influence of dating platforms and matching

 When seeking inspiration, we were influenced by the success of dating platforms, especially Bumble with its focus on commitment. These platforms have done a great job using design to match people together.

We like to think we’re doing the same for recruiters and candidates in terms of not only role and culture fit matching, but also through a fundamental feature of Gyfted, which is that our job-seekers are anonymous. This helps recruiters meet one of their goals today, which is to minimize bias in the hiring process and enable objective, diversity-oriented recruiting.

Another of our unique selling points is that we conduct candidate screening that is gamified and automated, with a structured interview, where the interview remains with the candidate’s profile. We roughly estimate that just for the 15 million open jobs on LinkedIn, if companies fill in 50% of those via external recruiting, and conduct a screening interview with 10 candidates per job filled at $50/hour paid to an employee to do the screening, that’s $3.75 billion and 75 million hours in direct costs. This is on top of applying for jobs, selecting CVs, and coordinating the process, which takes an even bigger financial and time toll on both applicants and recruiters. Instead, it would be better to take one interview for 1000 companies. The impact of what we want to achieve with our vision is enormous. 

We also offer career discovery and career search tools for job candidates. This includes free, personalized feedback for every job-seeker. Right now, we’re aiming the service at students, bootcamp graduates and juniors, helping them to land jobs in tech and the creative industry at large. Next, we’ll expand into mid and senior roles. In the long run we want to reshape how recruiting happens through a common app that saves everyone in the market significant time and resources, helping people find jobs not only faster, but jobs that truly fit them. 

Developing advanced AI applications with Google Cloud

We obtained our original funding from angel and institutional investors, and we were selected into the Fall 2021 batch of StartX, the non-profit start-up accelerator and founder community associated with Stanford University. But like most startups our budgets are tight, and we need to find ways to operate as efficiently as possible, especially when building out our technology stack and developer environment.

That’s where Google Cloud comes in. It’s a lot more affordable and flexible than competing solutions, and our developers love it. We use Google App Engine for the hosting and development of our applications giving us enormous flexibility. Vertex AI enables us to build, deploy, and scale machine learning models faster, within a unified artificial intelligence platform. On top of that we use Google Vertex AI Workbench as the development environment for the data science workflow, which allows us to have everything that we need to host and develop innovative AI-based applications.

BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless data warehouse, is another stand-out solution for us. We use it to crunch big data from all our systems and the UX is very intuitive and easy to use, allowing us to use it across the business and get insights from a wide range of employees, not just technical experts.

Above all, Google Cloud helps us solve the main platform challenges facing Gyfted including scalability and identity management, so we are perfectly positioned for growth. Right now, we handle about 2 million candidate interactions, a volume we expect to grow exponentially. As that number grows, we rely on Google Cloud to help us scale securely and with reliability.

Eliminating bias from the hiring process

Our technology partners have also been integral to helping us get to an advanced stage of our beta program. MongoDB on Google Cloud takes the data burden off our teams and reduces time to value of our applications. We can stay nimble and can scale database capacity at the push of a button.

Our collaboration with the Google team has been fantastic. Our Startup Success Manager is an expert when it comes to Google Cloud solutions, and he also understands our business from his own experience as an entrepreneur and an investor. It’s great to have an internal point of contact who can help us navigate all of Google’s resources.

I’d also stress the extent to which Google Cloud values align with ours. For example, a key benefit for our customers is the ability to strip unconscious bias out of the hiring process. Google Cloud tools support this commitment to diversity, especially when we are building out our AI models.

On a team level, we also appreciate the support that Google Cloud has shown through its Google Support Fund for Start-ups in Ukraine. This has helped many Ukrainian businesses to continue to operate at a very challenging time, including startups with remote, distributed teams in Poland where most of us stem from.

If I had to sum up Google Cloud and our collaboration with Google for Startups in a phrase, I’d say that it adds enormous value to our business while removing much of the risk when scaling up a start-up. We’ve seen the addition of many new tools and features in the past two years and our Google mentors are always looking at the best way these can be integrated with Gyfted’s own roadmap. That means that we can continue to transform recruiting and hiring processes with the support of one of the world’s most advanced tech companies as a strategic growth partner.


Gyfted Team Members

Robert Kowalski, CEO & Co-Founder, Gyfted

from Google Cloud’s Startup blog: https://cloud.google.com/blog/topics/startups/how-gyfted-uses-google-cloud-aiml-tools