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Who is a Freelance Recruiter?

The primary role of a freelance recruiter is to help companies find the right candidates to fill their job vacancies. They do this by sourcing, screening, and selecting suitable candidates to match a company's job requirements. Their primary objective is to find the right person for the job, and they do this by sourcing, screening and presenting candidates, and also negotiating offers. Freelance recruiters work closely with companies to understand their job requirements, such as the job title, the required skills and experience, the expected salary, and the company culture.

What does a freelance recruiter do?

A Freelance Recruiter is a self-employed recruitment specialist who works on a project basis. They have expertise in sourcing and assessing talent and can provide flexible and cost-effective recruitment solutions. With their skills in candidate assessment and networking, they can help your organization find the best talent available, without the commitment of a long-term contract.

Skills required to become a Freelance Recruiter

The role of a freelance recruiter requires a unique set of skills. To be successful in this role, one must possess a combination of technical, interpersonal, and communication skills. Some of the essential skills required to become a freelance recruiter.
Freelance recruiters persuade companies to use their services and convince candidates to accept job offers.
Freelance recruiters must have excellent communication skills to engage with candidates effectively. They must be able to convey the job opening and company culture in a compelling way to attract candidates.
Attention to details
When screening candidates freelance recruiters must ensure that candidates meet all job requirements and have the necessary qualifications and experience.
Time Management
Freelance recruiters must be able to work efficiently and manage their time effectively. They must be able to prioritize tasks, work under pressure, and meet deadlines.

How Businesses Can Benefit from a Freelance Recruiter's Services

Access to qualified candidates
Freelancers have a network of potential candidates and skills to acquire new ones, meaning that they can find suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. They also have access to passive candidates who may not be actively looking for a job but may be a good fit for a company's requirements.
Time and cost savings
Hiring can be time-consuming and costly. By outsourcing their recruitment process to a freelance recruiter, businesses can save time and money.
Expertise and experience
Freelance recruiters have years of experience in the recruitment industry and are experts in their field. They have a good understanding of the job market, job requirements, and recruitment processes, making them well-equipped to find the right candidate for a position.
Lower risk of mishires
Mishires are very costly usually costing 30% of an annual salary and they leave within 18 months of getting hired (and usually early on). Freelance recruiters take the time to understand a company's job requirements and screen candidates to ensure that they are a good fit for the position. This reduces the risk of bad hires, which can save businesses time, money, and resources.
Freelance recruiters work on a contract basis, which means that businesses can use their services as and when required – this flexibility is cost efficient.

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Frequently asked questions

How much do freelance recruiters charge for their services?

Freelance recruiters charge different rates depending on the scope of the project, the level of experience, and the industry. Retainers can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands per recruitment, and fees range from 8% to 30% per recruitment.

How do freelance recruiters find candidates?

Freelance recruiters use various methods to find suitable candidates, such as job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and their own database of candidates.

What is the difference between a freelance recruiter and a staffing agency?

A freelance recruiter works independently and on a contract basis, while a staffing agency is a company that provides recruitment services to businesses on a permanent or temporary basis.

Can businesses hire multiple freelance recruiters at the same time?

Yes, however, it's important to ensure that there is clear communication between the recruiters to avoid any channel conflict; as well as to avoid exclusivity contracts to be able to work with multiple vendors.

What industries do freelance recruiters work in?

Freelance recruiters can work in any industry. However, some industries may have a higher demand for recruitment services, such as professional services, healthcare, tech, and finance.