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Business Development and BDR jobs

Find business development jobs on Gyfted's job feed. Connect with companies looking for business and corporate development professionals who can build complex partnerships and relationships in consultative ways. Streamline your job search here.

Senior Technical Program Manager, Salesforce for Sales & Business Development
Strategic Business Development Representative (Remote)
Business Development Director, Employer Channel
164K - 176K USD / YEAR
United States
Head of Global Channel Sales
United States
Remote Channel Sales Executive

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Remote BDR jobs

Welcome to our remote BDR and business development jobs page. As the name suggests, this dedicated space targets professionals looking for remote work opportunities in business development. In the evolving work environment, we understand the growing popularity of hybrid jobs, which allow employees to enjoy the best of both worlds – working from home while still being part of an office community. Our job board is uniquely candidate-first, prioritizing the needs and preferences of job seekers. We understand that the conventional job search process can sometimes be overwhelming and frustrating. To make it easier, our platform provides a flawless candidate experience. You can browse through a multitude of job listings, each providing detailed information about the role, the company, the required qualifications, and more. This transparency helps you make informed decisions and apply for jobs that align perfectly with your career aspirations. What sets our job board apart is the option of an anonymous job search. This feature is particularly beneficial for passive job seekers who want to explore new opportunities discreetly. Additionally, you can apply directly for your ideal jobs or choose to join Gyfted's talent pool. By joining our talent pool, you become visible to potential employers seeking someone with your skills and experience. Start your journey towards finding your dream hybrid BDM job with us today.

Passive, anonymous Business Development job search

Gyfted provides a unique opportunity for individuals seeking Hybrid Business Development jobs to join an anonymous talent pool. The platform is beneficial for passive job seekers, enabling recruiters to directly connect with candidates without alerting current employers. Unlike LinkedIn, which can be cluttered with spam, Gyfted ensures a clean, efficient passive job search. The system matches candidates with jobs tailored to their preferences in role, team, and company culture. Signing up is a step towards finding the ideal Hybrid BDM job.

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Frequently asked questions

How to find Business Development jobs?

To find business development jobs, there are several effective strategies you can employ. Firstly, utilizing dedicated job boards tailored to the tech industry such as Indeed, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn can provide a vast range of job opportunities. These platforms allow you to filter your searches based on location, industry, and specific keywords like "hybrid software sales." Additionally, subscribing to email alerts and notifications from these job boards can keep you updated with the latest openings. Secondly, networking is a powerful tool in the job search process. Building connections within the software sales industry can provide valuable insights and potential job leads. Attend industry events, conferences, or join relevant professional groups on platforms like LinkedIn. Engaging with peers and professionals in these settings can open doors to hidden job opportunities. While exploring job boards and networking, considering signing up for Gyfted.me can enhance your personal growth and job search experience. This novel online portal offers a unique combination of resources, including an interactive platform, career assessments, tailored job recommendations, and personal growth courses. Gyfted.me can provide you with a comprehensive approach to optimize your job search, enhance your skills, and ultimately increase your chances of landing a rewarding hybrid software sales position.

How to get a Business Development Manager job?

To get a remote BDM job, there are several steps you can take. Firstly, it is important to update your resume to highlight your sales skills and experience. Emphasize any previous remote work or sales experience, as well as your ability to work independently and communicate effectively. Actively search for remote enterprise sales job opportunities. Utilize popular job boards and websites dedicated to remote work, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Remote.co. These platforms often have filters that allow you to narrow down your search specifically to remote outside sales positions. Additionally, consider networking with professionals in the sales industry, as they may have leads or be aware of job openings that are not publicly advertised. Sign up for Gyfted.me. Gyfted.me is a novel personal growth and job search experience portal that offers unique tools and resources to help individuals showcase their skills, connect with employers, and enhance their professional development. By signing up for Gyfted.me, you can create a robust profile that highlights your sales expertise and experience, providing employers with a comprehensive overview of your qualifications. The platform also provides job matching features, allowing you to search for remote BDM positions that align with your skillset and preferences.