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Frequently asked questions

What is wrong with online job search?

Online job search enables everyone to find job opportunities easily, but it has some drawbacks. First, it can be overwhelming due to the large number of job listings available. This makes it difficult for job seekers to find relevant jobs and narrow down their search. Job boards are the primary channel through which many job seekers find online jobs. Second, due to the large number of applications problem, online job search forces many employers to use automated systems to screen resumes, which makes it challenging for job seekers to stand out and get noticed. Moreover, as many of these systems are dumb keyword filters and artificial idiots (“AI”). Third, it is in general more competitive and thus harder to stand out.

How does talent matching work?

Talent matching involves using methods and data to match job seekers with potential employers based on their skills, experience, and preferences. The matching process often involves an online platform or tool that collects and assesses data from both job seekers and employers to identify potential matches. Matching can also be done through more manual processes such as outplacement recruiting and career advisors helping candidates out, as well as executive search for senior and executive level hiring.

What is a reverse job board? How does a reverse job board work?

A reverse job board is a type of job platform where employers apply to candidates, instead of job-seekers applying for published jobs. With Gyfted, we've merged the two - namely a reverse job board through our talent marketplace, and job boards through our curated job aggregator - to speed up the job search and candidate search, and ultimately to improve talent matching for culture fit.

How does Gyfted work for candidates?

Gyfted connects job seekers with companies that offer flexible, remote and hybrid work opportunities. You create a candidate profile, highlighting your skills and unique competencies and preferences. Your profile on our marketplace is anonymous, so recruiters can browse candidate pools that fit them easily. You can also browse and apply for available job openings as an applicant. When you apply directly to a company, they'll see your full profile. To learn more about it, check out our How It Works page
. You can also use Gyfted to enhance your job search outside of Gyfted by highlighting your unique qualities using our
Personal Resume Builder
(Personal CV Builder). You can also use Gyfted for
personal growth and self development assessments
, as well as for career discovery purposes, by gathering personalized, structured feedback from the tests you can take on our website. What's awesome is that the core tests you take contribute to your CV building and to your job matching, saving you time in your self-discovery process and your job hunt. The ultimate goal of all this is to streamline and enable talent matching.

How does Gyfted work for employers?

As an employer - a hiring manager, team leader, founder or recruiter - you can use Gyfted to structure and post free jobs, search for pre-vetted matchable talent, and engage in self-sourcing with automated candidate matching built into our platform. We're here to streamline your recruiting, talent screening, candidate evaluation, and hiring process. To learn more check out our How It Works page
as well as our
homepage for companies
that features our solutions -
talent matching
candidate sourcing
, and
team culture measures