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Remote/Hybrid Senior Software Engineer at WatchGuard at AuthPoint by WatchGuard

WatchGuard is looking for a full-stack Senior Software Engineer who is passionate about building secure software, and experienced in various technologies and programming languages. Most employees can choose to work from home, office or both.
Full Time

✅ Pros

  • Flexible work arrangement 🏠💼
  • Robust learning opportunities🎓
  • Part of a global team🌎

⛔ Cons

  • Complex and multifaceted projects 😅
  • Requires strong technical and soft skills 😬
  • Must take full ownership and responsibilities 😓

🔧 Skills

Experience with JIRA, Confluence, Test-Driven Design, AWS.
Proficiency in programming languages like Java, Python, Clojure, and Kotlin.
Experience with Elasticsearch, Redis, DynamoDB, Kinesis.
Inquisitive and good listener
Effective communication
Ability to mentor and guide
Strong teamwork and collaboration

🗣️ Impact

As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll be critical in developing robust processes using agile methodologies and working with globally distributed teams. You'll also play a key role in designing secure, reliable, and scalable cloud managed security services.

👉 Responsibilities

  • Mentor junior engineers and develop high-quality software.
  • Collaborate to ensure vision and commitments are met.
  • Uphold standards for running world-class security services in the cloud.
  • Take ownership of development process, driving activities and team direction.

🔍 Requirements

  • Must be comfortable with JIRA, Confluence, Test-Driven Design, AWS.
  • Significant experience in tech in an agile setup.
  • At least a few years of development experience with Elasticsearch, Redis, DynamoDB, Kinesis and programming languages like Java, Python, Clojure, and Kotlin.

✨ Benefits

  • Flexible work arrangement
  • Opportunities for continuous learning
  • Global and diverse work environment
  • Committed to equal employment opportunities

About AuthPoint by WatchGuard

AuthPoint by WatchGuard is a leading company in the field of network security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and endpoint security solutions. With a focus on providing comprehensive and cost-saving security solutions, AuthPoint offers a range of innovative products and services to protect businesses from cyber threats. One of the key offerings from AuthPoint is their MFA solution, which provides total identity security. By incorporating two new credentials management services - the Dark Web Monitor and Corporate Password Manager - AuthPoint ensures that businesses have robust protection against unauthorized access and data breaches. In addition to MFA, AuthPoint also offers ThreatSync, an advanced XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform. With ThreatSync, businesses can effectively correlate threat intelligence across environments, users, and devices, enabling them to automatically neutralize cyberattacks before they cause significant damage. AuthPoint understands the importance of staying up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends and news. They offer a WatchGuard Blog subscription, which provides valuable insights and information on cybersecurity topics. This allows businesses to stay informed and make informed decisions to enhance their security measures. AuthPoint is committed to addressing the evolving security challenges faced by organizations, especially in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. They prioritize supporting businesses in enabling secure remote work access for their staff, ensuring business continuity during disruptions. Additionally, AuthPoint emphasizes the importance of a Trusted Wireless Environment. They provide a framework for businesses and solution providers to build Wi-Fi systems that not only deliver high performance and scalability but also offer comprehensive security against all known Wi-Fi threat categories. Overall, AuthPoint by WatchGuard is a trusted and innovative company that offers a range of cutting-edge network security, MFA, and endpoint security solutions. With their comprehensive approach to security, businesses can rely on AuthPoint to protect their valuable data and assets from cyber threats.

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