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Remote Mid-level Marketing Ops Analyst at Sprinto

Join Sprinto as a Marketing Ops Analyst and play a key role in shaping our marketing strategies through data-driven insights and analytics. You'll dissect data from our marketing efforts and optimize our strategy based on your findings.
Full Time

βœ… Pros

  • πŸ’Ό 100% Remote Opportunity
  • πŸ•’ Flexi Hours
  • πŸ’° Company Sponsored Device

πŸ”§ Skills

Data analysis
Marketing analytics
Proficient in Google Analytics, Tableau
Project management
Excellent written and verbal communication
Ability to present data compellingly and understandably
Comfort working in environments requiring coordination across multiple teams and stakeholders

πŸ—£οΈ Impact

As the Marketing Ops Analyst, your innovative analytical approaches will directly influence Sprinto's strategic decisions and business outcomes. Your work will play a key role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our marketing and sales operations.

πŸ‘‰ Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain comprehensive dashboards and reports to track marketing campaign performance.
  • Analyze marketing and sales data to identify trends and forecast outcomes.
  • Manage analytical tools and platforms like Google Analytics, Tableau, ensuring data accuracy for decision-making.
  • Lead the analytical aspect of marketing technology implementations and integrations.

πŸ” Requirements

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in B2B SaaS marketing, with strong emphasis on data analysis, marketing analytics, and operations.
  • Proficiency in analytical software and tools.
  • Minimum Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Technology, Analytics, or related fields.

✨ Benefits

  • 100% Remote Opportunity
  • 5 Days working with Flexi Hours
  • Group Medical Insurance (Parents, Spouse, and Children)
  • Education Reimbursement Policy

About Sprinto

Sprinto is a highly acclaimed company that specializes in providing a comprehensive continuous security and compliance platform. Our platform, also named Sprinto, offers automation-led compliance solutions that simplify and streamline the process of achieving and maintaining security compliances. We are recognized as the number one choice for ambitious cloud companies worldwide, empowering businesses to swiftly and confidently navigate security audits without disrupting their operations. Our platform prioritizes integration, automation, and alignment with audit requirements to provide a seamless and efficient experience for our clients. With over 1 million compliance checks evaluated every month, Sprinto is a trusted partner for ensuring security and compliance in the digital landscape. We support more than 15 security compliances, making it easier for tech companies to establish robust compliance programs that effectively mitigate risks and enhance security measures. At Sprinto, we understand the challenges of navigating security compliances, especially due to the complex and extensive regulatory language. To address this, we have developed pre-approved, auditor-grade compliance programs that can be effortlessly launched with just a few clicks. Our platform eliminates the burden and burnout associated with understanding and implementing security compliances, enabling businesses to breeze through the process. Unlike ordinary security compliance software that simply highlights tasks, Sprinto takes a comprehensive approach by automating the organization, reminders, and documentation of corrective actions for each task. This continuous and audit-friendly automation ensures that businesses can focus on their priorities while maintaining compliance standards. Sprinto is known for its expert support, providing compliance and audit experts who work closely with clients to ensure the implementation of the right controls and practices for their company. We combine technical expertise with a people-focused advisory approach, breaking compliance down into simple terms and tasks. Clients have access to a dedicated compliance expert and a support team that is available for 18 hours a day across different time zones. We have been recognized for our excellence in the industry, being named a Category Leader by G2. We prioritize the quality of support we provide and aim to go beyond one-off audits, making security compliance the default state for our clients. We understand the importance of continuous compliance for cloud companies, as it determines their ability to scale and grow quickly while effectively managing security risks. The core mission of Sprinto is to help businesses gain confidence, legitimacy, and resilience through compliance. We strive to build and sustain behaviors that reduce organizational-wide risk and put companies on the fast track to growth. Our automation-led compliance approach allows businesses to streamline their compliance processes and focus on their core operations while ensuring security and regulatory requirements are met. In summary, Sprinto is a leading company in the field of continuous security and compliance. With our powerful software, expert support, and automation-led approach, we help businesses maintain continuous compliance, reduce risk, and achieve growth. Our platform offers a wide range of framework-specific workflows, policy templates, and training modules, along with adaptive automation capabilities, to ensure organizations are always in compliance. With Sprinto, businesses can confidently navigate security audits, establish robust compliance programs, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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